Chinese Muslim Battle to Defend the Holy Quran from Xi Jinping Communist Government | World news

China’s latest reports of the confiscation of the Quran put the world in a shocking state. Free Asia Radio reported on several disturbing incidents in Xinjiang where Muslims were forced to dispose of the Holy Quran in the river to save themselves from tortures from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government.

Recently, these incidents have been reported in the village of Aidarly in the Panfilov district of Almaty, where several Muslims dispose of the Quran books on the Ily River. The report revealed that these events have become a common trend in China. A similar thing happened recently on the River Corgas.

Reportedly, to prevent this Bible from being defiled by the CCP and from being tortured for owning it, Muslims in Xinjiang are disposing of the Quran in a river flowing to Kazakhstan wrapped in plastic sheets.

They believe that not only can they save themselves in this way, but they can also preserve the piety of the book and, in the end, protect their religious teachings.

In the past few years, especially after Xi Jinping came to power, the seizure of the Quran and subsequent punishment of Muslims in Xinjiang have been reported frequently after search operations.

As seizures accelerated, Muslims began to bury the Quran in the ground. However, the Chinese authorities were smart enough to discover the trend, and unfortunately, the mass destruction of the Bible occurred. In addition to the Quran, Chinese officials in Xinjiang also confiscated other religious documents and books.

Muslims who did not turn the Koran over to government authorities or tried to hide it were eventually sent to training camps or sentenced to up to three years in prison.

Uyghur and Turk scholars see this trend as an attempt by China to racially cleanse Muslims in Xinjiang and eradicate Islamic culture. They also argue that such an event is causing a profound identity crisis for Muslims in the region, as their national culture is becoming a victim of China’s attempts at Chineseization.

Rather than raising concerns about human rights abuses, China’s United Front Works Division (UFWD) officials began raising the issue as a potential threat to China’s image in the Muslim world and advocating strong censorship for such news reports. Activists have argued that the Chinese government has suggested that the Chinese government accelerate the process of Chineseization of the Quran. This is the process by which the CCP promotes its own version of the Quran by transforming the actual Quran.

Surprisingly, it is believed that the Chinese government is working on stepping up patrols to capture the Qur’an, which runs through the river along the river from Xinjiang to the surrounding countries. It also plans to tighten restrictions on the movement of Uyghurs and Muslims in other Turkic communities outside of China.

Most surprising of all is the complete silence of Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Turkey about Muslim persecution and removal of religious symbols. Prominent Uyghur activists such as lishat H Kokbore have argued that countries like Pakistan are at the greatest risk to Islam by keeping their mothers against the persecution of Muslims in Xinjiang, and they have made deals with China to keep quiet on this issue. Criticized the Imran Khan government for what it did. Return of economic benefits. Earlier when the CCP government asked about the persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, Imran Khan declined to comment and insisted that he did not know much about the matter.

Nevertheless, Muslim Umma is increasingly aware of the hostile situation of Muslims in Xinjiang, and this particular issue seems to have also gained great traction from Umma. Scholars believe that the events of the Quran floating on the river have begun to gain worldwide attention and will certainly affect the Belt and Road (BRI) initiative, as these events can significantly confuse Muslim countries. UFWD officials have expressed similar concerns in their articles and publications, and suggest that the government censor such news at any cost.

Most of all, the courage shown by Muslims in Xinjiang to protect the dignity and purity of the Quran by ensuring it is in safe hands, surely touched the hearts of countless people. This story has already become a part of folklore in Uyghur society.

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