Chinese President Xi Jinping urges Chinese troops to prepare for war at the border with China: Report | World news

In a controversial move, Chinese President Xi Jinping reported on Wednesday that he had asked the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) units to prepare for war on the border with India.

During his visit to a military base in Guangdong Province on October 13 (Tuesday), Jinping urged the Chinese military to “put all their mind and energy into preparation for war,” CNN reported, citing the Chinese news agency myth.

CNN quoted the Xin and made a remark when investigating the PLA Marine Corps of Chao Zhou City. According to the myth, Xi ordered the military to “keep on high alert” and called for “absolutely loyal, absolutely pure, and absolutely trustworthy”.

Xi Jinping’s visit to Guangdong was a speech commemorating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Wednesday. Founded in 1980, it played an important role in making the Chinese economy the second largest economy in the world.

This development takes place amid tensions between India and China in Eastern Ladakh’s Actual Line of Control (LAC). On Tuesday, after holding talks for about 11 hours, the two countries agreed to focus on mutually acceptable solutions for dismantling as soon as possible. The Indo-China 7th Corps Commander-level meeting to resolve the LAC situation ended around 11:30 pm on Monday, October 12th.

“The two sides have agreed to maintain dialogue and communication through military and diplomatic channels and reach a mutually acceptable solution for dismantling as soon as possible.” The two sides agreed to take seriously the important interests reached by the leaders of both countries, and to jointly protect peace and tranquility in the border region without turning the difference into a conflict.

“On October 12th, the 7th Meeting of High Commanders of India and China was held in Chushu. The two sides exchanged serious, in-depth and constructive views of liberation along the actual line of control in western India. -China border area. They were of the opinion that these discussions were positive, constructive, and increased understanding of each other’s positions. “I added.

Meanwhile, Federal Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was attacked on October 13 (Tue) after building a bridge in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh in China, targeting India. China said India is strengthening infrastructure development and strengthening military deployments along the border. They also accused India of causing tensions between the two countries.

Foretelling a new era of road and bridge connections in sensitive areas close to the western, northern and northeastern borders, Singh dedicated 44 major permanent bridges to the state on Monday, October 12th. Legs are in J&K (10), Ladakh (08), Himachal Pradesh (02), Punjab (04), Uttarakhand (08), Arunachal Pradesh (08) and Sikkim (04).

However, China, which does not recognize Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, has raised concerns about the bridge India built within its territory. China said, “India has strengthened infrastructure development and military deployment along the border, and this is the root cause of tensions between the two sides.”

China said, “I would like to be clear first. China does not recognize the territory of the Ladakh Union illegally established by India and Arunachal Pradesh. China opposes the development of infrastructure facilities aimed at military conflict. By agreement of both sides, neither side should take action that could make the situation worse. This may undermine efforts to alleviate the situation. “

“India has been strengthening infrastructure development and military deployment along the border for a while, and this is the root cause of tensions on both sides. China is asking India to implement the agreement in earnest. Do not take steps that could aggravate the situation, but take specific steps to ensure peace and tranquility along the border. “

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