Corona: No country has come forward to help Pakistan in the hands of terror. Imran Khan appears to be helpless

Corona virus
Imran Khan said the ban had a profound impact on Pakistan’s economic conditions.

Islamabad: No country or global organization has come forward to help Pakistan suffering from the global corona virus pandemic. This thing was revealed by Pak PM Imran Khan himself. Imran Khan said in an interview with influential people and journalists on social media that he never got a dollar from any country.

According to the News Express report, Imran Khan said: “The situation after the epidemic will be a great test for the whole world and Pakistan.” He further said that countries from Europe and America (Pakistan) the situation is different. Imran Khan said of Pakistan’s economic conditions that the ban would have a profound impact. Imran Khan said: “I didn’t want to implement the lock because it will increase the suffering of workers and day laborers, while 75) percentage is not even registered. “

Imran Khan expressed concern about the country’s economy, saying that the Pakistani economy has suffered a major setback due to the epidemic. No country or global organization has helped a single dollar. However, he definitely said that the IMF had granted credit repair relief.

Imran Khan targeted the opponents, saying that many people do false propaganda on social media. He said: “Those who make money from corruption are afraid of the media that they could break.” . This helps identify coronovirus hotspots in the country. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of people infected with corona in Pakistan has exceeded the thousands. The number of people killed by covid – 19 is 281.

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