Corona: President Donald Trump endorses Elon Musk’s “threat”

President Donald Trump spoke in favor of the Tesla Company CEO, Elon Musk, who opposed strict measures such as the ban.

Washington: Despite increasing coronavirus cases in the United States, President Donald Trump has spoken out in favor of Elon Musk, CEO of the Tesla Company, and has opposed strict measures such as blocking. Musk filed a lawsuit against the Californian Alameda County Administration for not being able to open the Fremont factory due to the closure. President Trump contacted Twitter to express his support for the company that makes electric vehicles. Trump wrote in his tweet: “California should now allow Tesla and Elon Musk to open the factory. This can be done quickly and safely. ‘Musk responded with a thank you to this tweet that supports the president.

In fact, after the Corona virus broke out, Alameda County banned all non-essential businesses, including Tesla’s Fremont factory. Health officials say it is currently a danger to have the factory opened. But Musk and his company are not ready to hear anything. A lawsuit against the district administration was also filed on her behalf. At the same time, CEO Elon Musk has threatened that if he is not allowed to open the factory, he can move his factory from California to another location.

Donald Trump was against strict measures from the start. He wants all business activities to start as soon as possible to get the economy going again. That’s why he supported Tesla and its CEO.

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Incidentally, some other officials associated with the Trump administration have also previously supported Musk. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told a local media channel that California officials should work hard to resume local business. Menuchin described Musk as one of the largest manufacturers in California and said the administration should prioritize the issues it faces so that Tesla can resume production. Similarly, Governor Gavin Newsom also supported Musk.

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