Corona: Still many restrictions in Italy, many new cases arrive every day

Milan : Corona virus in Italy The emphasis is once again suspended. On the last day 11, after more than a thousand cases, the government imposed a new blockade. He was forced to do so, after which new restrictions were imposed across the country.

Crown chaos across Europe Crown

cases have increased rapidly in many countries, including France and Switzerland. Subsequently, France and now Italy also introduced new restrictions. Based on this, now in Italy, restaurants will be closed at 6pm. In addition, a maximum of 6 people can sit at one table. Not only this, religious and local holidays have also been banned across the country and severe restrictions have been imposed on gathering crowds. In addition to this, a new manual has also been published for dealing with Corona in Italy.

Coronavirus infection in Italy 11, 705 new cases, 69 deaths Coronavirus cases in Italy continue to increase. Sunday’s transition record in the country 11, 705 New cases have been found. Currently COVID – 19 tests (COVID –

compared to March-April in Italy Testing) was drastically increased. However, doctors have warned that the virus is once again taking on vulnerable patients and the burden on hospitals is increasing. According to the Ministry of Health, on Sunday 750 patients were in intensive care compared to the previous day 45 remained more than 7, 000 more than People were admitted. As a result, in Italy in the last 11 hours

Patients have died and since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country 36, 543 people have lost their lives.

To address the impact of the epidemic 47 billion dollar package

Italian government to deal with the economic damage caused by the Korana virus epidemic 40 billion euros (47 billion dollars) has been announced. In this package announced on Sunday, there is a provision to spend a billion dollars on health services in Italy. This includes short-term workers, help from low-income families and less developed southern regions and 35 It also includes a forecast to reduce the cost of hiring people under the age of one year.

Now even the suspects begin the trial

Every day in Italy, ten thousand new cases of corona infection come out. This number is higher than the peak infection in the country, although only those patients whose conditions had worsened by that time were tested. But now the trial of the suspects has also begun. So far 36 from Corona in Italy, 400 people have died. In Europe, after Italy, Great Britain has the highest number of deaths due to this epidemic. (input language)

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