Corona will not end with the vaccine, it will haunt for many years, warns the expert

Coronavirus vaccine

Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK government’s chief science advisor, questioned the usefulness and genuineness of the vaccine. According to him, the public is given false comfort.

New Delhi: The UK Government’s Chief Science Advisor has once again given a big warning about Coronavirus. According to scientist Sir Patrick Vallance, the coronavirus will not be completely eliminated with the Coronavirus vaccine. Like seasonal flu, cases of infection may continue to occur in the coming years. However, he also said that the chance of spreading the infection with the corona vaccine will certainly be reduced. People will be saved from getting sick.

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will be treated like a flu

Scientist Sir Patrick Vallance has provided information to a committee of British lawmakers that he did not think the vaccine would be available to the public at least before spring next year. He said that in the future, corona virus treatment will be similar to the flu that occurs every winter. Corona virus is unlikely to be eliminated with the sterilizing vaccine.

Corona will change to endemic

Scientist Sir Patrick Vallance said the corona epidemic, like influenza, HIV and malaria, will also become endemic. He argued that the corona virus will not be completely eradicated because it has already spread on a large scale. According to Sir Patrick Vallance, it will only take a few months to discover the usefulness and reality of the vaccine.

Sir Patrick Vallance said the authorities shouldn’t make big promises to the public. He said the public should not be kept in the dark about false claims and should provide real information relating to the vaccine.


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