Corona will trap 60 million people in dire poverty

Washington: The World Bank said on Tuesday that the corona virus is causing the epidemic to plunge more than 60 million people worldwide into populated poverty. This global organization announced 100 billion aid to 100 developing countries as part of the campaign to overcome this global crisis. All of this support is granted over a period of fifteen months.

World Bank President David Malpos told reporters during a conference call: “Over 60 million people will be trapped in the swamp of poverty due to this epidemic and the closure of developed countries.” Much of the progress we have made in eradicating poverty in the recent past is being eradicated. “

He said: “The World Bank Group has grown rapidly and launched 100 emergency measures in countries. Other donors can postpone the program quickly. “He said that $ 160 billion is given 100th a month.

With the support of the World Bank, these 100 countries have 70 percent of the world’s population. . Of these, 39 come from sub-Saharan Africa. A third of the total projects are located in fragile and extremism-affected areas such as Afghanistan, Chad, Haiti and Niger.

Malpos said: “To return to growth, our goal should be a quick and flexible approach to dealing with health emergencies. At the same time, cash and other support for the poor, the private sector should be preserved and the strengthening and revitalization of the economy should be strengthened. “

He said that the program was prepared according to the countries so that they can effectively deal with the health, economic and social shocks to which they are exposed. Malpos said that this program will strengthen the health system and help buy life-saving medical devices.

Mary Hornsby

Mary Hornsby

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