Corona’s astonishment: this country has closed the fish market, a curfew imposed in many areas

Colombo : In view of the spread of the Corona Virus infection, Sri Lanka’s main fish market was closed on Thursday and a curfew was imposed in many areas. The government has imposed a curfew in some areas of Colombo and in some areas outside the capital. Indeed, new cases of corona virus infection were reported this month in at least six villages in the western province. Columbus also falls in the western province.

Health authorities temporarily closed the country’s main fish market after 49 traders confirmed they were infected with the corona virus. . It was also confirmed that hundreds of other traders were infected with the Corona virus in the market located on the outskirts of Colombo.

On Thursday, 2 510 cases in the country were linked to a garment factory and authorities identified it as the first community transition in the past two months. It has schools and main government offices are closed, the gathering of people is forbidden and the circulation of public transport is also closed. A total of 5 811 cases of infection have been reported in Sri Lanka since March, while 13 people have died. is.

Input- AP agency )

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