Corona’s chaos continued, 11,231 new cases in 24 hours in Russia, the government imposed new restrictions

Moscow : Corona’s chaos to end the world takes no names Russia on Thursday in just 24 hours 11, 231 New corona virus cases reported. The country has imposed new restrictions on its capital Moscow. The city of Moscow was hit hardest by this epidemic.

in Russia 11, 231 cases of new infections With the total number of corona virus cases 177, 160 and Russia this virus has achieved fight for fighting.

City of Moscow 85, Has turned out to be the epicenter of the virus with more cases and more deaths 860. Even Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that orders for stay at home will not be closed soon. However, he also said that workers who work in industry and construction may start work gradually.

So far 48 lakh tested over

Russian health officials said they have now carried out 4.8 million tests. However, the coronovirus mortality rate in the country is low compared to other European countries. So far, 1,625 people have died of the deadly virus here, while the number of deaths in other countries such as America, Italy and Great Britain has reached alarming levels.

After the virus was discovered in Prime Minister Mikhail Mishuistan, Minister of Culture Olga Hishimova has now become another high-ranking Corona official.

President warns of new wave of infections

In the midst of the crisis, Russian President Putin asked the governors to gradually develop a plan to end the ban. At the same time, he also warned that a new wave of infection can occur if things get out of control.

Please say 11 is a lock in the country until May. The Russian President said we should move slowly because even the slightest mistake costs our people security, life and health.

Mary Hornsby

Mary Hornsby

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