Coronavirus can be defeated, and the world needs to be prepared for the next pandemic: WHO | World news

The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged that the coronavirus could be defeated with science and a comprehensive evidence-based approach, and warned that “the world must be prepared for the next pandemic.” The health organization said countries should keep important health targets a top priority and not be loose on the front line even after defeating the deadly virus.

The World Health Council (WHA) is also considering a draft resolution to address future emergencies such as COVID-19 that has surprised the world. This draft will strengthen preparedness for health emergencies and will comply with the International Health Regulations (2005) outlined by the WHO.

“Even though this is a global crisis, many countries and cities have successfully prevented or controlled spread with a comprehensive evidence-based approach. For the first time, the world supported a plan to accelerate the development of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments. Access to the COVID-19 Tool (ACT) accelerator is giving real results. “Said the WHO.

The WHO also said the world should now be prepared for the next pandemic. In this regard, the World Health Assembly will consider drafting a resolution that strengthens preparedness for health emergencies such as COVID-19 by stronger compliance with international health regulations (2005).

“This resolution urges the global health community to better equip all countries to detect and respond to COVID-19 and other dangerous pandemic cases,” the WHO said. The WHO has also warned countries should not back down on important health goals.

Currently, more than 47 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported to WHO, and more than 1.2 million people have died.

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