COVID-19: 65 highest deaths in 24 hours in Hungary

Budapest: Kovid – 19 In Hungary for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic, Hungary has recorded the highest number of deaths due to corona virus infection. After this, the government was forced to take strict measures to prevent infection.

Hungarian health officials said Kovid – 699 in the last 24 hours 65 people have died. At the same time, 2, 194 emerged on Thursday, 3 286 and infected people on Friday. Confirmed to be. The government has not imposed a new ban despite the rapid increase in cases of infection, but Prime Minister Victor Orbán has asked officials to impose a fine on anyone who does not wear masks.

Orban said in a radio interview: “I don’t believe in increasing the rules but in the implementation of current measures”. , 413 Confirmation of people infected with Kovid – 19 Of which 1, 699 people died.

Input- AP agency )

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