COVID-19: Clinical trial for health workers in this country is expected to begin soon

Houston: Researchers Hundreds of Texas A&M University of America Medical personnel are asked to participate in the fourth phase of a “clinical trial” with the widely used TB vaccine. This vaccine can increase immunity and reduce the dangerous effects of Kovid 19.

Texas A&M is the first American facility in a clinical trial to receive federal human testing approval. The researchers hope that Bacillus will reduce the effects of the Calumet Guérin or BCG coronavirus. Because of this Kovid – 19, fewer people are hospitalized or fewer people die.

The university said researchers are seeking permission for the vaccine to treat other diseases. It is also used to treat bladder cancer. The university said BCG could be widely used to fight Kovid 19 in just six months as it is already safe for other purposes. .

Dr. Jeffrey De Cirillo, professor of microbial and pathogenesis and immunology at the Texas A&M Health Science Center, said: “It can make a big difference in the next two to three years, while Kovid-19 is being developed for a particular vaccine. ”

Dr. Cirillo said, “BCG does not mean treating the coronavirus, but filling that void until a vaccine is developed so we have time to develop the vaccine.”

The clinical trial is scheduled to start this week and health workers will be tested first. He said: “It will not prevent people from being infected. This vaccine has the ability to increase your immunity. ” The corona virus is showing its global outbreak, and researchers have found that mortality rates are lower in some developing countries, including India, where the BCG vaccine is widely used.

Mary Hornsby

Mary Hornsby

Mary has studied Masters in Biology and looks after the health domain brilliantly. She has great understanding of drugs and regulations in a variety of states and retains our customers upgraded with new drugs blessings and their own counterparts. She's a passionate writer and at no time reads concerning scientific posts and prefers attending health conventions in town whenever she is there.

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