COVID’s special test kit, developed by Oxford, completes the process in 5 minutes | Oxford has developed a special test kit for COVID and the report is ready in minutes.

London: Oxford University scientists have now developed a rapid antigen kit to test for coronavirus, which can complete the entire process in just 5 minutes. The study published details on this on Thursday. Along with this, he said it could be used for mass testing by many people in airports and businesses.

The peculiarity of this device is that it can distinguish coronaviruses from other viruses and detect them very accurately.

‘Our method is a fast way to detect viral particles,’ said Professor Achilles Kapanedis of the Oxford Department of Physics , expected to be released in 2021 . It will be very simple, very fast and low cost.

Researchers expect production of this Rapid Antigen Testing Kit to begin in early 2021. It will also be available on a large scale within 6 months.

Rapid antigen testing has been very useful and widely used for coronavirus testing over the past few months. Researchers say the cost will be further reduced with this device. They said the price would be lower than the devices currently available.

This test will be more successful in the winter months because the coronavirus peaks once again.

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