Data from 186 million US voters stranded in hacker forum: researcher


Security researchers say a database containing nearly the entire U.S. electoral population has been leaked to hacker forums, which could affect the November 3 election.

A report released Wednesday by security firm Trustwave said its researchers “had uncovered a huge database with detailed information on US voters and consumers for sale on several hacker forums.”

Security researchers said in a blog post, “The database contains a staggering level on citizens, including their political affiliation” and the vendors claim to have 186 million records.

“Information found in voter databases can be used to lead effective social engineering scandals and potentially spread influence in elections, especially in swing states,” TrustWave analysts Zeev Madore said and Nikita Kazmirsky. .

Analysts said at least some of the data came from public records, but other information came from data leaks or breaches.

The researchers said they also searched other databases on the entire U.S. consumer population and residents of Britain, Canada, Ireland and South Africa.

Cybercriminals appear to be busy ‘demonetizing upcoming elections’ in the United States, with researchers selling databases to find out more, including addresses, age, gender and political affiliation of American voters, and in some cases Huh phone numbers.

Russia and Iran had taken steps on the part of US officials to obtain public information and influence public opinion, including “spoofed” emails intended to intimidate voters and create unrest.

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