Did China Produce the Corona Vaccine? Give the students the vaccine for free

Beijing: Chinese government company Sinopharm to those COVID-19 students is giving the vaccine for free, those who go abroad for higher education. Sinopharm is a limited liability group company which currently develops 2 vaccines against the Corona virus.

The Wall Street Journal quoted the company’s website and some students requesting this vaccine as saying that the China National Biotech Group Company (CNBG) move was aimed at the vaccine made in China. To increase public confidence.

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Registration initiated for the vaccine

The company announced that it is distributing this vaccine for free to students on a website where students can register to get this vaccine. This website said on Monday that 4, 81, 613 people have taken the vaccine, while 93, 653 people have applied for the vaccine.

After providing this information on Monday, the website was deactivated on Tuesday. The reason given is that work on the website is in progress. However, the company has not yet made any comments on this.

5 is working on the vaccine

China started a program for the emergency use of vaccines in July. It offered 3 experimental vaccines developed by a unit of the state pharmaceutical pharmaceutical company China National Pharmaceutical Group and US-listed Sinovac Biotech. The fourth vaccine was developed by CanSino Biologics, which was approved for use by the Chinese military in June.

Not only that, the Abu Dhabi-based group 42 is developing a vaccine in collaboration with artificial intelligence and cloud computing company CNBG. Which is the third face of the clinical trial.

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