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DMCA Disclaimer – extentnews.com

Dear visitor to the ExtentNews.com page. We request that you carefully study the disclaimer provisions to avoid legal and other precedents relating to the use of any material from this resource, including those that are copyrighted. We urge you to respect the rights of others, including their intellectual property rights, be it an article, picture, audio file, or program. Remember that copyright infringement entails legal responsibility and all preventive measures that result from it.

1. On the main and secondary websites of ExtentNews.com (later web resource) information is provided free of charge and in full to inform participants about topics that may be of particular interest to them.

2. All information is published in the original format, with no guarantee for topicality, completeness, correctness or correctness and without any other express or tacit guarantees. Access to the web resource and the use of its content are at your own discretion and risk.

3. The portal administration team (web resource directors, officials, key founders, employees, administrators, moderation team representatives, and other representatives) endeavors to provide users with correct and relevant information, although there is a likelihood of inaccuracies.

4. The ExtentNews.com portal is a project with completely accessible content for everyone involved. The site architecture allows anyone with access to the Internet to reproduce its content, therefore the site and its content are provided “as is” without restrictions, without any agreements between the participants of this site, the administration, the owners of servers on which the site is based or by anyone else who is in any way connected to this or indirect sites that may be the cause of complaints.

5. Any software is saved by the users of ExtentNews.com at their own risk. A website visitor who downloads applications from the ExtentNews.com web resource agrees that the installation and full use of the applications may require payment of a certain amount. Users are informed that the files can also be placed by other users, whose actions are moderated by the extentnews.com administration team.

6. The administrative structure makes no representation or warranty with respect to the website and its content, in particular with regard to relevance, correctness, accessibility, accuracy, completeness or consistency with any particular objectives of the website and the content, in relation to that when browsing the Portals do not experience any problems, it is safe and uninterrupted that the administrator group corrects the malfunctions mentioned or that there are no Trojans and viruses on the website and that Naponenie and the website do not infringe any third-party rights.

7. Some links on the ExtentNews.com website lead to third-party resources. These links are included in this internet project for easier orientation and their presence does not mean that the administration group of this portal promotes or generally evaluates the content of third party web resources. In addition, the administration of the specified website is not responsible for the content of external resources and their availability. Written refers to all links, ad units and other data indicated on the web resource provided by other portals available on ExtentNews.com

8. Administration does not include basic powers such as controlling the legality or illegality of the information published and sent, including information that visitors submit either as separate material or by sending links to them alone. The circle of administrators does not determine the copyright, legality of receipt and disclosure, or use of materials transferred between participants.

9. The materials transmitted by one user to another are the subject of the file exchange for the two named users. The administration can neither be held responsible for the content of this information nor for their membership of an author or group of authors. However, this information may be available to the administrators of ExtentNews.com as all information submitted through this resource automatically becomes the property of the founders of ExtentNews.com, unless otherwise stated.

10. The portal administration team takes reasonable steps to ensure the completeness, legality and relevance of the content, but the administration is not responsible for the deliberate and accidental actions of a third party or organization, such as by a resource, as directed by the administration or by a third party provided.

11. The administrative structure of the Internet project, in accordance with the legislation in force, refuses all promises, guarantees and representations that are either given or taken into account, and the management group is not responsible for the content of the Internet project; Participants and the website itself.

12. The advertiser is solely responsible for advertising material that is posted on the portal. The web resource also indicates that the ability to purchase or use the services and goods offered at a price or on the terms indicated in the ad units is not guaranteed. The visitor agrees that the resource is not responsible for the likely consequences (including damage) arising from any relationship with advertisers. Such damages include such cases: personal injury, computer failure, computer addiction, damage to computer mechanisms and home networks, legal problems, etc.

13. The Internet project offers users the opportunity to send comments, questions, suggestions, complaints and other notifications in order to enter this information in the appropriate areas of the portal, which can be viewed by other participants. This web resource is not responsible for the information submitted.

14. It is the responsibility of the editor of the materials to verify the copyright ownership and legality of the articles or applications displayed.

15. The admin team of ExtentNews.com is not responsible for the content of the materials until they have been edited by the moderators.

16. The management group reserves the right to add to and reduce these requirements without notifying the participants. The Management Group is also not responsible for changing, adapting, editing, deleting data published by the participants on the portal or other related websites.

17. The management group is authorized to block access to the web resource for any visitor or group of participants without prior warning and explanation.

18. The administration has the right to edit or delete links to text information, executable files, audio materials, graphic files and other data published by the participants on the web resource without warning or explanation of claims.

19. The name, the trademark of the organization, the product and the copyright to the design, the copyrighted material and certain indirect rights referred to, used or cited on the presented portal belong to the complete and current owners. Except for the rights holder, no one has the right to manage the rights to use copyright data, unless otherwise stated on the resource. Users are responsible for the theft of copyrighted material.

20. Reading, distributing or changing information published on this resource may violate the laws of the country in which this project is used.

21. The visitor agrees that conflicts and frictions will be resolved in accordance with the applicable provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

22. The visitor agrees that the normative laws and laws for the protection of consumer rights for the use of a web resource by the participant do not apply, since no commercial services are offered.

23. Silence and neutrality of the resource administrators team in the event of an apparent or hidden violation by a member of the rules does not deprive the administration of this site of the right to take appropriate measures to protect the interests of the portal later.

24. In the event that some rules are annulled under the laws of the Russian Federation, the other conditions will remain in full force and effect.

25. By visiting this portal, the participant confirms the unequivocal acceptance of the “disclaimer” clause and the proposed rules, as well as accepting all responsibilities that may be imposed on the user based on legitimate circumstances.

26. A team of portal administrators has the right to make changes to the rules at any time, which will take effect immediately. By continuing to use the portal after changes, the participant automatically agrees to the new rules.

Copyright holder

In accordance with the disclaimer, the extentnews.com website does not contain any materials, copyrights and related rights owned (including the right to disseminate) any other person or entity. If the material has been published on the site, the rights holder has the right to contact the administration to resolve this issue.

There are several ways to solve the problem:

  • Replace the existing application links to the application if copyrighted. This must be either a scaled-down copy of the full application or a full application, but with advertising.
  • A link to the application is replaced with a reference to Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or the application’s official website.
  • To delete all references to the application page. To do this, the rights holder must confirm their rights to the application hosted on the website.

There are multiple possibilities

  1. Write the administration page with email listed on the official website of the application or the company that deals with production applications.
  2. Write to the administration of the website e-mail indicated in the application.
  3. Send scanned documents to site administration confirming the existence of copyright in the application.
  4. On the official website of the application or the company involved in production, you need to create a .txt file called extentnews.com and then pass a reference to it from the website. To contact the administration of the website, please write to our address.

[email protected]

The administration of this site will respond within 24 hours.