DNA ANALYSIS: If Kim Jong Un-living doesn’t come back, why?

There is also a country in the world where people are struggling with hunger and poverty, and now another crisis has occurred in that country. Is. There are reports that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un has been seriously ill and even died in the past week. But what is true is still a mystery. This is because Kim Jong-un has not been seen at any public event since last day 11. Since then, various things have been going on regarding his health. North Korea is trying to keep everything related to its dictator Kim Jong-un secret.

According to an online newspaper – Daily NK of South Korea, Kim Jong-un is being treated for heart disease. This treatment is carried out in Hyangsan County, North Korea. It was also alleged that most of his medical team members returned to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, after Kim Jong-un’s condition improved. But there is still a medical team with Kim Jong-un. This means that Kim Jong-un’s condition may be better now than before. It also means that the news of Kim Jong-un’s heart surgery is true.

Not much information about Kim Jong-un is known in the North Korean media. Today the North Korean state media showed a message from Kim Jong-un. In this message, Kim Jong-un… sent a thank you message to the workers and officials at a tourist restaurant in the Wonsan region. It is not yet known whether Kim Jong-un sent the message himself or was issued by someone else. It is also possible that the North Korean government may want to hide the news that Kim Jong-un is sick or brain dead.

You have to think if Kim Jong-un lives, why doesn’t he come forward? In fact, dictators like Kim Jong-un always show themselves to be powerful in front of their people. The people of North Korea also respect him like a god. Kim Jong-un’s health may not be fully restored. They don’t want to show themselves to the public in a weak state. In this way, their strong image can be shocked. Doing this for every dictator is like starting new difficulties.

Now let’s show you a proof of Kim Jong-un. According to photos from the satellite, there is a special train in the North Korean city of Wonsan. A U.S. group monitoring North Korea claims 21 and this train reached Wonsan City between April. It has been suggested that this train could belong to Kim Jong-un. The station where this train is located is also a reserve for the family of Kim Jong-un. Now, South Korean President Secretary of State Moon Jae-in has said in an interview with the US media that Kim Jong-un is alive and well. He has been living in the Wonsan region in North Korea since April. This is the same area where Kim Jong-un sent a thank you message to the workers involved in the construction.

South Korea is the only country in the world that claims to know about Kim Jong-un. That is why Kim Jong-un has a more reliable presence in Wonsan.

25 rumors about Kim Jong-un’s health worsening for the year 15 started in April. 15 Kim Jong-un did not attend his grandfather’s birthday show in April. According to North Korea’s official media, the last time Kim Jong-un met was in April. There were pictures of it. Very few people know North Korea very well and the government there claims that everything is fine.

Unknown by Kim
Not just health, there are many things about Kim Jong-un that you may not know. Kim Jong-un is the top leader in North Korea. In North Korea, no one can show courage to annoy them. Kim Jong-un, whenever people are among them, people have to show themselves like this because they have become emotional to see them. All of this is done to make Kim Jong-un happy.

According to Article 1 of the North Korean Constitution, it is an independent socialist country, that is, North Korea is a country of workers. But the truth is very different. It is said that more than 2 lakhs were held hostage in camps and various prisons in North Korea.

According to the South Korean Human Rights Committee, all of these hostages are forced to work in an unknown location. They are kept hungry … and various tortures are punished.

To all hostages in minus 25 degrees Celsius every day … 11 are forced to run kilometers. And many of these mortgages are the ones that die and are tortured while at work.

The people of North Korea spend their lives tolerating Kim Jong-un’s strict laws. You cannot keep in touch with other countries or foreigners. Strict rules have also been put in place to prevent them from going abroad. The rules of the military dictatorship are considered the highest there. In which three generations of the guilty must be punished.

North Korea has 25 million inhabitants and most of its people live in poverty with great difficulty. But Kim Jong-un has 16 castles, also a private island. The price of his yacht itself 60 is more than million rupees. The expensive watches from Kim Jong-un cost more than 62 crore. Not only that, Kim Jong-un spends millions of rupees on golf, basketball games and horse racing.

Most people in North Korea use ox carts. They are so poor that they cannot buy a car or another car. But Kim Jong-un has 100 expensive cars. His bulletproof Mercedes-Benz car costs about crores. Kim Jong-un’s private plane is called Air Force UN (Un). Although Kim Jong doesn’t like to travel by plane, he also has a bulletproof train.

Another unique thing about Kim Jong-un, he likes the piano. Most people will keep one or two pianos in their homes. But Kim Jong-un has 25 pianos. And the cost of each of them is around 45 lakh rupees.

North Korea and South Korea
North Korea and South Korea are neighboring countries, but there is a big difference between the two countries. In 1948, two separate governments were formed in North Korea and South Korea. Then North Korea was … for the former Soviet Union, d. H. Today’s Russia. And South Korea was with America.

North Korea was founded by Kim Jong-un’s grandfather … Kim Il-sung. The dictatorship began in North Korea in 1948. North Korea is a country that has been isolated from the world since its inception. At the same time, South Korea became a democratic country.

At that time, North Korea tried to be self-sufficient. After this attempt failed, there was a severe famine. The Soviet Union and China then helped North Korea by sending grain. The people there became increasingly poor and dictators continued to become powerful.

While South Korea has become one of the poorest countries in the world today. Economic development is miraculous, so South Korea is one of the most developed countries in the field of technology.

Today, North Korea is calling teams of doctors from other countries to treat its top leader, Kim Jong-un. South Korea has almost won the war against the corona virus. South Korea is now also sending test kits to countries around the world. That means it helps other countries against this epidemic. The election was successfully carried out in South Korea despite Corona virus infection.

India and Pakistan

The history of North Korea and South Korea is similar to that of India and Pakistan. In 1947 these two countries were separated. Today India is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Many countries in the world are waging war against the corona virus with medicines from India. But Pakistan, which supports terrorism, has become a failed country today and is constantly reaching out to other countries for help.
That means people from the same country who took 62 different paths years ago. But even though I’m a neighbor, there is a big difference between India and Pakistan.

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