DNA ANALYSIS: The precious stones of space have made this man a millionaire


is a stone from space, with which Joshua got 9 crore 80 lakh rupees. This rough black stone fell from the sky four months ago, breaking the roof of his house.


new Delhi: The news of the Corona virus may have scared you a little and you feel that your future is in the dark. But now we will tell you about such news. Knowing this, you will realize how someone’s luck can be reversed overnight.

This story is about Joshua, a 33 year old, who lives on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Joshua, who lived by making a coffin, is now the subject of discussion around the world. At the center of this discussion is the stone from space, with which Joshua obtained 9 crores 80 lakh rupees. This rough black stone fell from the sky four months ago, breaking the roof of his house. During the fall of the stones, there was an explosion so strong that even the people who lived around were frightened. But then no one knew that this stone is actually a meteorite, which revolves around the Sun like the Earth in the Solar System. First I show you the photos of this meteorite.

This meteorite body found in Indonesia has now reached the Arizona State University of America, where research will be carried out on it. By selling this meteorite, the person who became a millionaire decided to build a church near his home. That is, the person who until yesterday was making the coffin, will now have the church built and its purpose is to thank God. Now you should also know the five characteristics of this meteorite body that turns during the night at night –

– This meteor body weighs about 2 kg

– and scientists consider it to be four and a half billion years old

– The price of this meteorite body is 63 thousand rupees per gram

– And the person from Indonesia who dropped this meteorite at home got Rs 9 crore 80 instead of this.

– This money is so much that it would take 30 years for this Indonesian person to earn it

But it didn’t take Joshua 30 years and a meteorite overnight changed his fortunes.


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