DNA ANALYSIS: which Corona vaccine is more effective?

New Delhi: Today we have two on the coronavirus There is good news. One of them came from Russia and the other from America. Pfizer, a US-based pharmaceutical company, claimed to have up to 90 percent of its vaccine, and now Russia has given its Sputnik vaccine to Kovid 19 Versus 92 Success rate.

– The Indian government is currently in contact with Pfizer regarding the Corona vaccine.

– Since the news of this vaccine, more than (lakh) million rupees have been traded in stock markets around the world and this The figure is almost equal to the Indian economy.

– A political controversy has started in America over the new vaccine. US President Donald Trump says this news was deliberately suspended so as not to benefit from it in the presidential election.

– US Vice President Mike Pence said his government also contributed to the preparation of this vaccine.

– Although Pfizer claims that it has concluded the vaccine deal only with the US government and has not received any help in researching this vaccine.

The vaccine is used in an emergency in Russia

Now let’s talk about the Russian vaccine. Russia claims to have an impressive 92 percent of the Sputnik vaccine and trusts these figures, this time the vaccine is Kovid 19 being the most effective against. This two-dose vaccine has been tested in the first phase on thousands of people. People who have been given this vaccine include Covid infection – 19 from 92 others The percentage was found to be low. The testing of the last phase of this vaccine, 40 is underway in thousands of volunteers and the use of this vaccine in Russia is allowed for emergencies. It has been found.

According to the claims, the use of the Sputnik vaccine will provide protection against the corona virus for two years. For the testing and distribution of this vaccine in India, an agreement has been signed between a private laboratory in Russia and India. Currently, the second and third phases of this vaccine are being tested in India, which are expected to be completed by May 2021.

Pfizer vaccine evaluation after completion of three-phase trial

Meanwhile, an independent data monitoring agency in the United States has evaluated Pfizer vaccine after completion of a three-phase trial. Based on this agency’s analysis, Pfizer said it was up to 90 percent successful with its vaccine. U.S.-based Pfizer and Germany-based BioNTech are working on this vaccine.

However, Pfizer said that in an emergency, it may require the use of this vaccine in the last week of November. Until then, final data will come for this vaccine trial.

– Pfizer has tested its vaccine in 6 countries including America 44 at thousands of volunteers. The third phase started in July of this year. Based on this, two doses of the vaccine were administered to the volunteers.

– 44 Half of the 1,000 volunteers were given the vaccine and half were not given.

– 90 The percentage of people involved in this test did not contract the infection. Therefore, the success rate of this vaccine is considered to be 90 percent. However, in this 94 test there were also volunteers who were infected with the Corona virus. How many of these 94 were given the vaccine and not many, the company has not made it public.

– According to US and World Health Organization rules, if a vaccine is up to 50 percent effective, then it is approved. They can be found. According to this, America and Russia’s 90 vaccine success rate claim is good news for the whole world.

2021 at the end of 130 Crore dose

Professor Ugur Sahin and his wife have an important contribution in the production of the vaccine under discussion in America. To make this vaccine, they both did ongoing research with their team. According to them, if permission had been given to produce this vaccine, then by the end of the year 2021 its 130 crore doses can be prepared.

However, even if this vaccine is ready, there are three challenges coming to India.

1. The US government has already booked 10 crore doses of Pfizer vaccine. Pfizer says this vaccine will be given free to the American public. In addition to this, Canada and Japan have also placed advance orders. The Indian government has not yet entered into any such agreement with any country for any vaccines. In such a situation, India’s number shouldn’t come anytime soon.

2. This vaccine must be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius ((degrees Celsius)). Keeping the vaccine at this temperature is a challenge not only for India but also for the United States.

3. Pfizer has not yet said how many days or months or how many years this vaccine will be effective, ie once the vaccine is applied, how many days you will be safe.

According to experts, keeping the vaccine at a low temperature in India is a challenge. However, the Indian government’s Ministry of Health said they will only make a decision after the drug is approved.

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