DNA ANALYSIS: Will this European formula against fundamentalism prevent Islamic terrorism?

New Delhi: Today we arrived in Europe very large. It will analyze political and administrative changes. Europe, which has never been ready to accept that India is suffering from Islamic terrorism. That Europe is now ready to do everything to fight terrorism. Europe too is ready to produce the version of Islam that suits it necessary for the protection of Europe. Europe is considering creating a new institute to train the religious leaders of Islam and those who propagate Islam. In view of the growing episodes of radical Islamic terrorism, Europe has currently set itself three objectives.

First Train the imams of the respective countries and provide them with certificates. If that happens, only imams and clerics will be able to work in the mosques of Europe, which will have his training and certificate.

Another goal is to block funding for Islamic institutions from abroad.

Third The goal is to close the open borders of Europe or to conduct a thorough investigation of the people who pass through these borders.

Imam and Maulvis training

The president of the European Council, Charles Mitchell, proposed to train imams and clerics. The European Council works to determine Europe’s political direction and priorities.

Here will we also know why Europe suddenly began to worry about radical Islam?

This idea of ​​maulvis training was first given by French President Emmanuel Macron, who states that imams and Maulvises should be barred from undergoing training abroad and should be trained in France itself and this training is need to obtain the certificate.

Macro wants to make such a difficult decision because it is becoming difficult to stop Islamic terrorism in France. The attacks in France and Austria have told the whole world how young people are radicalized in the name of teaching Islam.

Proposal to ban also foreign funds

In addition to this, along the lines of France, the European Council has also proposed to ban foreign funds to religious institutions associated with Islam.

This proposal also speaks of a warning to refugees coming to Europe, where refugees will be told that we will help you, but in return, you must also give us a lot. It is obvious that refugees are given the message that you can come to our country but you must not do anything that is against the security of the country.

European countries are reexamining their tradition of open borders

In addition to this, European countries are reexamining their tradition of open borders. The President of France said a few days ago that Europe should take this into account, because with open borders, large numbers of refugees move comfortably from one country to another and, taking advantage of these open borders, are criminal gangs, Traffickers of human beings who have ties to terrorist organizations.

Europe is the continent of the world where history was made. The first and second world wars started from Europe itself. European countries were also at the center of the Cold War and now Europe declares that it is waging war on terrorism from its land and its base has become the base of recent terrorist attacks in France and Austria.

27 Country

in the European Union
There are 27 countries in the European Union and most of these countries operate in the same currency and there is also free trade between all these countries. But so far the European countries have not been able to form a common policy against terrorism. Although now he is trying to change this situation. 

Europe is currently facing the second wave of the coronavirus, but the fight against terrorism has become a priority for Europe and is considering the possibility of training clerics to close borders. being done.

But will this battle of Europe against Islamic fundamentalism prevent Islamic terrorism? In the year 2001 after the 9/11 attacks in America, then President George Bush A global fight against terrorism was announced but, even after 19, terrorism was not eradicated from the world, so the question is whether L Will Europe be able to do this?

European leaders need to understand this.The

answer is that it is not possible until Europe understands the suffering of countries like India, as long as European countries see their terrorism as a separate problem and country like India as a separate problem. This battle will be incomplete. Because, when one country is under the pressure of terrorism, the rest of the countries are also determined to come under its control and European leaders will have to understand this.

We say this because Europe has continuously adopted a double attitude on the problem of terrorism. Until the fire of terrorism broke out in Europe, Europe continued to teach the whole world how to deal with minorities. Europe has issued guidelines relating to this from time to time for other countries.

New laws to stop religious fanaticism

This year the European Parliament also tried to discuss the new law on Indian citizenship and the decision to remove clause 370 from Kashmir. Although both of these were internal decisions of India and Europe they had nothing to do with this but how minorities should be treated. To teach its moral lesson, Europe wanted to teach India lessons, but now European countries are enacting new laws to prevent religious fundamentalism regardless of the minorities living there.

What if such a law had been introduced in India?

France will introduce a law by the end of this year, after which France will be able to develop a new version of Islam and gain more control over mosques but, interestingly, the European Union and France no longer fear it. The world can call them Islamophobic. Europe is doing all this to keep itself safe and this is also the need of the moment, but imagine that if such a law were introduced in India, how would these European countries react? European countries would lecture India and say that Indian democracy is under threat.

European countries understood this very late.

Europe very easily imposes sanctions on countries where minorities claim injustice. But today Europe has understood the issue.

It is not that the Muslims of the world are not tortured in the name of stopping the spread of Islam. China is the greatest example of this. Where millions of vegar Muslims have been killed so far and those who remain are also being tortured. But European countries have realized that it is too late that opposing Islam and opposing radical Islam are both different.

Europe must also have understood that in the name of secularism minorities cannot be appeased for a long time.

Support for encrypted communications

Last Friday an important meeting was held between the Ministers of the Interior of Europe and another proposal was made in it. In which it was said that European citizens must be saved from Islamization, this word is noteworthy in itself because it refers to Islamization rather than extremism. At the moment, the question is in the project, but the European Union can also state it openly. This said in the draft can increase tensions between Europe and Islamic countries. But the most important thing that has been said in this is that European governments now want to have access to encrypted communications. Conversations between people on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram are encrypted, which means that no one other than the person who sent the message and read it has access to it. Even the facilitator cannot read the encrypted conversations, but through the drafts that the European Union has prepared to fight terrorism, tech companies can be asked to grant governments access to encrypted data. .

This is done so that the government can keep an eye on these people who resort to encrypted communications and make people fanatic or incite them to terrorist activities. But if you think that the Indian government would have brought such a proposal, then these European countries would have opposed and said that the privacy of the people in India has been taken away. Europe, for which people’s privacy was paramount, is now ready to sacrifice the privacy of its people to fight terrorism.

In addition, European countries can also ask tech companies to remove content used to spread hate and terrorism from their websites and platforms. Heavy penalties can also be imposed on companies that do not. For this, it is possible to introduce a law on digital services under which companies can be asked to remove content that promotes terrorism within an hour.

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