Donald Trump admits for the first time Biden wins US election, says nothing

Donald Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in many states to reverse the results.


Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: “He won because the election was rigged, defeating Donald Trump by winning a series of battlefield states. Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in states to reverse the results. Washington:

President Donald Trump first appeared on Sunday, publicly acknowledging that Democrat Joe Biden won the U.S. presidential election on November 3, but insisted it was “rigged” his false allegations of voter fraud generalized repeat

Biden defeated Trump by winning a series of battlegrounds won by unaffiliated Republicans in 2016. The former Democratic vice president also garnered over 5.5 million, or 3.6 percentage points, from the national popular vote .

Trump was seen to accept Biden’s victory in a Twitter post in which he lists baseless fraud allegations.

He won only in the eyes of FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I don’t believe it! We have a long way to go. It was a mixed election!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 15, 2020

Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday morning: “Don’t name Biden.” No poll observer or authorized observer, the vote is compiled by a radical left-owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation and bomb-proof equipment in Texas. I couldn’t even qualify (which I won a lot!), Fake and Silent Media, and more! “

Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in many states seeking to reverse the results, but to no avail, and legal experts say litigation is much less likely to change the outcome of the election.

Election officials from both parties said there was no evidence of major irregularities. Democrats and other critics have accused Trump of representing Biden’s victory and of trying to undermine public confidence in the US electoral process. Before the election, Trump refused to engage in a peaceful transfer of power.

Trump’s refusal didn’t change the fact that Biden was president-elect, but he blocked the government’s normal process of preparing for a new presidential administration.

The Trump administration’s decision not to recognize Biden as a winner to prevent Biden and his team from accessing government offices and generally funding the incoming administration to ensure a smooth transition Has stopped

The federal agency, the General Service Administration, responsible for providing these services, has yet to recognize Biden’s victory.

Biden has spent days with consultants as he weighed in on cabinet appointments, grounds for congratulations from world leaders, and will follow his policies after being sworn in on Jan.20. On Sunday, he will continue to meet privately with advisers.

According to Edison Research, Biden garnered 306 votes in the state-by-state electoral college system, which determines the president’s winner, with more than 270 votes needed to secure a majority.

Trump won the same number of voters over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, a victory she called a “landslide” despite winning the national popular vote by nearly 3 million. voice.

Trump supermarket rally

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters stormed Washington on Saturday to echo their allegations of electoral fraud. The “Million Maga March”, referencing Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” drew crowds of supporters who rocked the city of Washington.

“Thousands of people showing their support for Washington will not run in harsh and corrupt elections!” The president wrote on Twitter, although most of the crowd was estimated to be well below Trump’s number.

Trump’s motorbike passed through crowds en route to his golf course in Virginia, eliciting cheers from protesters as the president waved from the backseat.

The march was largely peaceful, although a number of scuffles took place between Trump supporters and counter-protesters, which continued even after dark. The city’s fire department and emergency medical services said one person was stabbed and taken to the trauma center. The Washington Post reported he was stabbed in the midst of an unrest after 8 p.m. yesterday

Dozens of Proud Boys, a distant group, marched through the streets, some wearing helmets and ballistic disguises, while members of the loose movement known as the Antifa staged their own counter-protests.

City police forces arrested at least 10 people, including several on assault charges.

Ahead of the White House candidacy near 2024, Trump discussed his chances of overturning the result with potential media companies, with consultative media companies placing him in potential headlines.

States are in the process of certifying the results of their elections. On December 14, the Electoral College meets to vote for the new president.

Biden’s pick for White House Chief of Staff Ron Clann said this week that a swift transition was needed to ensure the government is ready to roll out a potential coronavirus vaccine early next year .

Dealing with the extreme outbreak will be a top priority for Biden. The United States set a new daily record for new cases on Friday for the fourth day in a row.

More than 244,000 people have died in the country from the epidemic.

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