Donald Trump calls for investigation of Biden, leader of the major battlefield


President Donald Trump on Tuesday called the U.S. Attorney General to investigate his “criminal” Democratic opponent Joe Biden as he led a rally in Pennsylvania state two weeks before polling day.

Polls show Trump or appear in a tight contest in most swing states that decide the presidential race, but believe that a combination of frenzied campaigns and personal scorched earth attacks on Biden gives him a new deal. momentum.

“Things are changing quickly,” Trump told the Fox & Friends program on Tuesday, saying his own turnout “had exploded” Biden.

There is little evidence Democrats really wander with 14 days until November 3 and before the last presidential debate on Thursday.

However, just two weeks ago, Trump was in the hospital with Kovid-19 and Biden delivered his central door-to-door message, claiming the Republican president had let the country down on the management of the coronovirus epidemic.

This week it’s Biden, who has disappeared from the election campaign, apparently up for debate – his team informing reporters at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday that he has a personal agenda planned for the day. Were not.

In his absence, Trump fills the arena with an intense quest to corrupt Biden as a corrupt history, and arranges nightly rallies, including Tuesday night’s event where he will reveal his wife. Erie, along with Melania, PA – will be a major battleground.

Survey “before the elections”

Trump is the subject of numerous allegations of sexual harassment, financial interests, and is also the first president to march for reunification after impeachment.

However, he ran to the success of a last-minute push in 2016 to quench doubts about the honesty of rival Hillary Clinton, and he dusted off this playbook again.

This time, the attack centers around a conspiracy theory regarding the Biden family’s business activities. Crowds at Trump’s rallies also canceled the 2016 anti-Clinton chant for Biden, shouting “Shut him up”.

According to Trump, Biden’s personally troubled son Hunter sold his father’s access to Ukraine and China when he was Barack Obama’s vice president.

The narrative takes on new life on the eve of the election with an article published in Trump’s ally The New York Post about the alleged discovery of secret information on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, on the base information provided by Trump’s aides. Sure. .

Trump took another step forward on Tuesday when he not only called Joe Biden a “criminal,” but demanded on Fox News that Attorney General Bill Brar “act and act fast.”

“It should be known before the election,” Trump said.

Pennsylvania push

Biden has a nine-point lead nationally, according to a new New York Times / Siena College poll. While this reflects the consensus of the polls, there are outliers including IBD / TIPP who accurately predicted the outcome of the 2016 shock and now envision a much closer race, just 2.3 points ahead. on Biden.

Pennsylvania is one of half-dozen states in which Trump must earn more or less to remain as president. Polls show Biden is ahead, although a Reuters / Ipsos poll this week slightly showed the difference.

Trump’s choice of Erie matters because it was a long-standing Democratic stronghold and won there in 2016, highlighting his ability to turn unschooled working-class white votes into his populist rhetoric. Has been dropped.

It is also important that she is with the first lady, who rarely campaigns but can be seen as an aid to the vote for women – an area where the election shows Trump in dire straits.

As Biden continues to try to deal with Trump’s epidemic – portraying him as an irresponsible and nervous leader – with the economic impact of the presidential shutdown and social turmoil, desperation in places like Pennsylvania Faces

“We will never close,” Trump vowed Tuesday – a message he would repeat aloud at the rally.

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