Donald Trump holds his position, Pompeo made a great statement

Washington: US President Donald Trump Not willing to give up. He still believes that the US elections have been rigged. Trump constantly questions the election process and Joe Biden’s victory on social media. However, it is different that most of his tweets are labeled as “misleading” or “false” information.

The public will not accept

) Donald Trump, in his recent tweet, once again called the elections fraudulent. He wrote: “People will never accept these manipulative elections.” As soon as the election results were revealed, Trump made it clear that he would not accept them and would challenge them in court. Trump’s campaign has also started a fundraising campaign for the legal battle.

People will not accept this rigged election!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 11, 2020

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Each vote will be worth

At the same time, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo made a grand statement on the transfer of power. He said the transfer of power will take place peacefully for the Donald Trump-led administration’s second term in the country. Pompeo said: “For the second term of the Trump administration, power will be transferred peacefully. We are ready. The world is watching what is happening here. We will count every vote. ‘

intentions explained.In

fact, he was questioned by reporters at the Foreign Ministry headquarters ‘Foggy Bottom’ whether his department (the president-elect) was preparing to make a peaceful transfer of power to Biden and, if not, why has been delayed or will power not be transferred peacefully? In response to this, he made it clear that this power struggle will be prolonged.

Phones from all over the world

Let me tell you that Joe Biden, the Democratic Party presidential candidate, has been declared the winner of the election, but Donald Trump is not ready to accept it. In response to a question, Pompeo also reported alleged fraud during the vote. He said the elections were heavily rigged and, in this regard, he is receiving calls from all over the world.

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