Donald Trump insists that he has’winned a lot in this election’, and insists’bad things’ in the counting room | World news

Washington: Donald Trump declared himself the winner of the presidential election on Saturday, November 3. Major American media have put his Democratic rival Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States. “I won this election tremendously!” Trump tweeted as major U.S. media outlets declared that he lost the election and Biden would become the 46th president of the United States.

Twitter immediately commented on Trump’s tweet: “When this was tweeted, official sources may not have called the race. Trump also repeated charges of election fraud, claiming without evidence that “something bad happened” in the counting room, and there were tens of thousands of votes. It was illegally filed in a major battlefield state in Pennsylvania.

The president has repeatedly questioned the validity of the number of votes in major Swing states, and has made groundless claims that the elections are “stolen” from him.

“A bad thing happened at a time when legal transparency was malicious and crudely unacceptable. Doors and windows blocked by the tractor were covered with thick cardboard, which prevented observers from seeing the count room. Something bad happened inside. There is a big change. He said in a tweet.

Even now, four days after the November 3 presidential election, votes were being counted in several major battlefield states. “This will also change the election results in countless states, including Pennsylvania, where everyone thought they easily won election night. I’ve seen tremendous clues disappear that no one can observe what has happened over a long period of time. Trump said.

“In Pennsylvania and other razor-thin states, the results were completely and easily changed because tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 PM on Election Day. As a separate issue, hundreds of thousands of votes could not be observed illegally. … , “Trump wrote.

Twitter quickly indicated in the president’s recent tweet that “some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and may be misleading for elections or other civil proceedings”.

Although the president led in Pennsylvania on election night, his lead to Biden was shrunk and overturned following further counts of mail-in votes.

“People stop counting and demand transparency (as law observers deny entry to room calculations)!” Trump said in another tweet.

President Trump accused Democrats of mass voting fraud at a White House press conference on Friday and claimed the election had been stolen. He did not provide evidence to support his claim.

His campaign has been sued multiple times in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada, and demanded a recount in Wisconsin. The Biden campaign denied the charges.

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