Donald Trump is back in the election campaign but why is Melania missing?

Washington: infected with Coronavirus And after being treated after the treatment, President Donald Trump has launched an election campaign. Along with President Trump, his wife Melania Trump, who has been infected with the Corona virus, has not yet appeared publicly. There is still no clear information on Melania from the White House.

The information provided a week ago

Melania provided information on her health a week ago, in which she claimed to have minor symptoms of infection. The White House also didn’t say when the First Lady will appear in public and what her condition is now?

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29 Seen in September with Trump

On October 5, three days after being found infected with the Corona virus, Melania expressed gratitude for her good wishes. Previously, 10 lei was seen with the president in September. No information was provided by First Lady Melania’s office about her health until Tuesday.


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