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U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to attend Thursday’s final presidential debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden to close the big gap in polls ahead of the November 3rd election. As Trump deals with the coronavirus pandemic, which kills more than 222,000 people in the U.S. and is soaring again around the world, he should make some hits on television to keep the struggling campaign steady.

Republican leader Trump is significantly following former Vice President Biden in a national poll in less than two weeks of Election Day, although competition is much more intense on some battlefields where elections are likely to be decided. According to polls, relatively few voters have yet to decide. A record 42 million Americans have already voted ahead of a debate held in Nashville, Tennessee, which means Trump could close a window that could affect race results.

Trump’s campaigns often pointed out that the evil president will attack Biden, who has not achieved more during his time in office, and will focus on the corrupt practices of the Biden family that Trump alleges. The aide was trained to not allow 77-year-old Biden to appeal to undetermined voters and allow Trump to fall into his skin in an attack on his family, especially his son Hunter, the president’s favorite target. Said I had to provide a gig.

An advisor to Biden said that Democrats’ aides don’t appear to be president and want to confront Trump. He claims that Trump has had a disproportionate economic impact on low-wage workers, and is expected to reinvigorate Trump’s pandemic with increasing cases in several states.

The first debate in the September debate between the two was watched by at least 73 million viewers. Trump, 74, passed another planned debate last week after switching to a virtual format after being diagnosed with Corona 19. In a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, Biden was 9 points nationwide from 12 points in the first week of October. He maintained a significant edge in the competitive states of Michigan and Wisconsin.


Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtow said the president would unveil Biden’s long-standing political record and his family’s business dealings. “The obvious message is that President Trump has done more in 47 months than Joe Biden in 47 years. The president once built the world’s best economy and is already doing it second. Trump is still a political outsider, and Biden is the ultimate insider. “Said Murtaugh.

In the first showdown, Trump repeatedly interfered with Biden, attacked him personally, and showed little respect for the mediator. Swing voters, especially women, were turned off by what his actions, post-debate polls and focus groups showed. Republican Michael Steele, who served as the chief aide to former House Speaker John Benner, said Trump should step back and give Biden room for mistakes.

“There will be nothing that President Trump can do about the Biden attacks that have not yet attempted in the first debate,” Steele said. “He now has to get rid of the pill, step back and take the presidency, squash Biden, and run badly.”

Each nominee’s microphone is turned off, and the other party writes an introduction to the subject for two minutes, allowing them to speak without interruption. Both microphones will be active during the next discussion period. Discussion topics include epidemics, racial relations, climate change, and national security. The Trump campaign insisted that the whole debate should be focused on foreign policy.

Trump is expected to return to a series of attacks revealed in the first debate, accusing Biden and his son Hunter Biden of unethical practices in China and Ukraine. No evidence has been confirmed to support Trump and his aide’s allegations of corruption, and in the first discussion, Biden called it false and distrustful.

By increasing the number of judges from nine, Biden is currently under pressure to explain the pressure by some of his political parties to “package” the Supreme Court to combat right-wing drift. He said he would form a nonpartisan academic committee to investigate reforms in the federal judiciary if elected on Thursday. He pointed out that there are alternatives to consider outside of the Supreme Court expansion, he said, “outrageous.”

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