Donald Trump makes his first appearance after losing U.S. primary elections to Joe Biden

Despite his loss to Joe Biden in the election, Donald Trump has not yet given up.


US President Donald Trump appeared in public for the first time on Wednesday after the US presidential elections. On November 11, Veterans Day is celebrated in the United States (a day to honor soldiers who served the country in the military). On this occasion, Trump visited Arlington National Cemetery to pay respect to the martyred soldiers. But this day of national unity, which has remained dark in the face of Trump’s insistence not to give up his defeat to Biden.

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Trump left the White House four days after the election results were announced on Wednesday. Since his defeat, he has given no address to the country. So far, he’s tweeting on Twitter, in addition to posting a Veterans Day statement. According to tradition, he did not formally give up in front of Biden, as happens every time here.

Trump in the White House repeatedly tries to project that he will file a voter fraud complaint and then win. However, he did not provide any concrete evidence to back up his claims. Kovid-19 cases in the United States are breaking records, with many states imposing new restrictions to control the cold outbreak, but Trump has generally stepped down as president.

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On Wednesday, he again blamed his election victory and forging ballots on behalf of Democrats. However, there is an agreement among analysts around the world, world leaders, US election officials and the US media that the vote that took place on November 3 was completely neutral and does not form the basis of the claims of fraud.

Trump claimed that there had been some manipulation of the vote count in Wisconsin, which led to Joe Biden’s victory. Now Trump says he’s “going to win in the state”. He claimed responsibility for such incidents in many places. Trump’s insistence is supported by many Republican leaders, including his Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo. Pompeo had just said on Tuesday that preparations were underway to transfer power to Trump’s second term. However, reports had arrived that First Lady Melania Trump and her son-in-law Jared Kushner wanted Trump to drop out and clean up the White House for Joe Biden.

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