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Wilmington, Delaware/Washington: Donald Trump’s reelection campaign said Wednesday that it is calling for a partial recount of the Wisconsin presidential election results as part of a long-term attempt to undo President-elect Joe Biden’s victory on Wednesday. . Republican Trump continued to emanate his anger on Twitter as he got out of the public eye. Twitter claimed election fraud, some were not backed by evidence, and others were not true.

Reuters/Ipsos polls show that Trump’s unfounded allegations of election manipulation are failing in court, but polls show that more than half of Republicans believe in it, which has political interest. His campaign transferred $3 million to Wisconsin on Wednesday to cover the cost of resuming voting in two democracies, Milwaukee and Dane County, where the cost of a full statewide recount is less than $7.9 million.

Democratic leader Biden won more than 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, leading Trump from 49.5% to 48.8%. Trump’s refusal to yield the November 3rd election is hindering a smooth transition to the new administration and complicating Biden’s response to the coronavirus pandemic when taking office on January 20th.

In the state electoral corps that determines the overall election winner, Biden won more than 5.8 million votes, with 306 votes out of 232 Republican Trump. In order to remain in office, Trump must flip the results in at least three states to reach the threshold of 270 electoral votes. It will be unprecedented.

The president is also hoping that a manual recount ordered by the state of Georgia could pull Biden’s 14,000 votes out of there, with challenging results in Swing, Michigan. Trump falsely claimed Wednesday that the number of votes in democratic Detroit, Michigan’s largest city, exceeded the number of residents.

“There are far more votes in Detroit than people. There is no way to cure that huge scam. I win in Michigan!” He tweeted.
According to city records, 250,138 votes were selected in the presidential election. That’s just over a third of the city’s population of 670,031, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

December deadline

The state is ahead of the December 8 deadline to confirm the election results for the December 14 official electoral vote. Congress is set to count electoral votes on January 6th, which is generally official. However, Trump supporters in the Senate and House may object to the outcome in a final and long-term attempt to deprive Biden of 270 electors and pass the final decision to the House of Representatives.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday, about half of Republicans believed that Trump “was a fair win”, but the election was stolen from him. Of all the voters in the poll, 73% agreed that Biden won, and 5% thought Trump won. However, when asked specifically if Biden was “legally won”, 52% of Republicans said Trump was rightly winning, and only 29% said Biden was rightly won.

Election officials from both parties across the United States said there was no evidence of voting tampering, and federal reviews reached the same conclusion. Biden and his senior advisors said Trump’s challenge could jeopardize efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 and could curb vaccine distribution plans in countries where more than 248,000 people have died from the pandemic.

Biden will meet health workers at the forefront of the crisis at a virtual roundtable in his hometown of Delaware on Wednesday. As President Trump fights for the presidency, Trump will stay in Washington for next week’s Thanksgiving holiday instead of going to the Mar Lago resort in Florida, said First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump fired the top U.S. cybersecurity official who upset Trump by refusing support for alleged election fraud on Tuesday.
Chris Krebs was fired from the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Department. His work in protecting elections from hackers and fighting misinformation about voting has won praise from both legislators and election officials across the country.

At the signal of the President, Republicans across the country have questioned the outcome. In Michigan, where Biden won with 145,000 votes, two Wayne County Republicans tried to block Biden’s victory on Tuesday, but hours had passed.

In a county that includes Detroit, a large number of black cities and overwhelmingly favored Biden, two board members initially voted to block the verification of the results. However, Republicans overturned the decision after more than two hours of angry public opinion voting to prove the results, with warnings that the Michigan Secretary of State conducts an audit.

At a federal court hearing in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, U.S. district judge Matthew Brann appeared skeptical of Trump’s request to block officials from proving Weiden’s victory in the state with more than 80,000 votes.

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