Donald Trump said ‘my battle to preserve the confidence of the American people in the elections’

Donald Trump

Presidential elections were held on November 3 in America. In this, Democratic candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner, but Donald Trump has not yet accepted his defeat.


Shington: The presidential election Donald Trump is still blaming the results and not prepared to believe that there is no fraud in the election. Trump has yet to accept his defeat.

In repeating his allegations of fraud once again, Trump told his supporters that his battle was to preserve the confidence of the American people in these and future elections.

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Donald Trump during the Christmas party at the White House (Donald Trump), his supporters said, ‘Just a few days after the elections, we saw that several secret attempts to declare the winner started during counting in several major states. The constitutional process must be allowed to function. Every valid vote counts and no invalid vote count, and we will ensure that the truth of the vote is protected.

Trump said, “It’s not just to honor the 7.4 crores of the American people who voted for me, but to make sure the American people are in this election and all of the upcoming elections.” charity. ‘

Please say there is a presidential election on November 3rd in America. In this, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden (Joe Biden) was declared the winner , but Trump has not yet accepted his defeat.

( Input- AP agency )

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