Donald Trump wants to forgive his children before saying goodbye, so know what the matter is


Trump Trump Jr., Donald Trump’s son, is accused of sharing information with Russia about damaging Hillary Clinton’s image. Meanwhile, his son-in-law was accused of withholding information about relations with foreigners.

WASHINGTON: Before leaving, US President Donald Trump wants to do something his children and close friends do not face in the future. Trump fears that Joe Biden will be able to target him after he takes office. The Biden administration could make some decisions that could cause problems for Trump, his children, and those close to him, so he wants to fix everything before he leaves.

According to a New York Times report, Donald Trump plans to grant his three sons, including personal attorney Rudolf Giuliani, as president, a presidential pardon in advance. The trial is underway in the courts or may take place in the future. The report said Trump had expressed to his advisers his concern that the Justice Department might target his three children, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump after Joe Biden took office. 

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These are allegations

that Trump also feels the new government may also target Ivanka’s husband Gerard Kushner and his lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani. Please say that Kushner was also involved in White House advisers during the Trump administration. Trump Jr. allegedly exchanged information with Russia in the presidential election that damaged Hillary Clinton’s image. However, he was not sued. Meanwhile, Trump’s son-in-law is accused of withholding information about ties to foreigners. It remains unclear what accusations Trump faces about Eric and Ivanka Trump.

Trump said, “I’ll be back.”


Meanwhile, Trump claimed he would make a comeback. During a Christmas party at the White House on Wednesday, Donald Trump told his supporters that he would try his luck again in the upcoming election. There were earlier reports in the US media that Trump might once again be Republican presidential candidates. Speaking to the guests at the party, Trump said: “The four years I spent in the White House went very well. I want to come here again for four years. Not right this time, I would like to come here again next time

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