Donald Trump’s Vaccine Team Will Not Brief the Joe Biden Administration: US Senator | World news

Officials in Donald Trump’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort said after the White House called Thursday that they had not briefed anyone about the transition team to President-elect Joe Biden and had no plans to do so.

Senator Chris Murphy said on Twitter, “I just got out of a conference call with the Trump administration’s vaccine distribution team.” “They have confirmed that they have not briefed anyone about the Biden-elect team and have no plans to do so. This is potentially catastrophic.”

The convocation, addressed to all senators, was held Thursday morning by General Gustav Ferna and Dr. Mont Sefslaui, head of “Operation Warp Speed”, the administration’s vaccine development efforts, said Congressional aide.

White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern did not comment on whether Biden’s team would be briefed, and said the Centers for Disease Control and the State Governor’s vaccine distribution plans were publicly available.

“The manufacturing is going well,” Morgenstern said, and Dr. Slaoui confirmed that in December 20 million Americans were vaccinated. A wave of coronavirus infection swept across the United States, with deaths exceeding 250,000 this week. The vaccine will be available in the coming months, but distributing the vaccine to more than 300 million Americans can be complicated by special storage and transportation conditions.

Biden said on Wednesday that various information about the campaign was not available, including plans to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. His administration is set to take over the US government on January 20, when he takes office. Failing to quickly share critical COVID-19 data with Biden’s team will create unnecessary and fatal delays in combating the pandemic, leaders at U.S. medical institutions said in a letter to Trump on Tuesday.

Biden’s transition team did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Emily Murphy, manager of the General Services Administration, a generally lesser-known agency that continues to run the US government, “confirms” the winners of the Biden and Trump presidential elections on November 3, a condition to release funds so far. Refused to do it. And a resource to the winner.

Despite the obvious victories for Biden, Trump refused to make concessions, and his legal challenges are creepy. However, he received support from many Republicans in Washington and across the United States.

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