Dubai enters into hi-tech security agreements before global exposure, suspect will be identified in 1 minute


“This technique has proven its effectiveness in identifying suspicious and wanted people,” said Obaid al-Heathbor, director of Dubai’s Department of Transportation Security.


Dubai: Dubai will soon use the facial recognition system to make public transport safer. Officials announced this on Sunday. Obaid al-Heathbor, director of Dubai’s Department of Transportation Security, said: “This technology has proven its effectiveness in identifying suspicious and wanted people.”

The use of this technology in Dubai begins before the Global Expo Exhibition to be held here. At the same time, this technology can be used at Dubai International Airport a few months ago. He explains that this step was taken to make Dubai a “smart city” in the Middle East.

Gonna be Global Expo

Dubai wants to develop as a technology and artificial intelligence hub. “To ensure a high level of safety in tube stations and other transport sectors, we want to upgrade our existing capabilities for better performance,” said Heathborough.

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Lee trained in the United States

A special police unit also underwent training in the United States under these security arrangements. Authorities also conducted bogus drills to deal with the attack and then capture the suspects. During this simulation exercise, he also helped passengers “evacuate” the area. These trained officers will now be sent to major metro stations during expo 2020.

Please say that due to the Corona virus outbreak, this event will be delayed for one year to October 2021. At the start of this event 15 it was expected to bring one million, ie 1.5 million people.

Jamal Rashid of the Dubai Police Department of Transportation Security said, Facial recognition technology will begin to be used in all metro stations in the coming months. Previously it took at least 5 hours to identify a suspect, but now this technology will take less than a minute to do this job.

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