Due to the establishment of two Pakistani islands, and the expansion of China into the Arabian Sea, these resources could go to a part of the Dragon!

New Delhi: Imran Khan’s government of Pakistan has given two Deep Bodo and Bundal have been handed over to the Chinese government. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, did not consult the Bundal government and Bodo before handing over power to China, nor did they seek permission from the people who lived there. Imran asked residents of Sindh to take over the Chinese government without their consent. However, behind this unethical move by the federal government, Pakistan may be hungry for money from China. After handing over these two islands, Pakistan can obtain financial assistance from China. At the same time, Dragon also took advantage of this move.

China’s expansion in the Arabian Sea
In fact, by acquiring these two islands in cooperation with Pakistan, China would have firmly imposed its control in the Arabian Sea, and that was its goal. Overall, it is evident from this agreement that Pakistan has given its friendship to dragons again by handing over two islands. It was revealed that last year, during his tour in China, Imran Khan had expressed his desire to develop various islands along the coast of Sindh and Baluchistan.

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Imran Khan said in 2019 about the island development .

Taking into account the benefits to the military, China has agreed to develop at least 8 islands in Pakistan. So far, China has sought two islands from Pakistan in the name of development as soon as the opportunity arises. It is known that the beginning of the background related to the development of these islands was done by the Chinese engineers, who were contributing to their various projects related to the shipyard in Gwadar and Karachi.

Within 3-4 years, Chinese submarines will be in the Arabian Sea

In this regard, zee News has received information from sources stating that “If the development work of the islands in Karachi and Gwadar continues in a similar manner, then in the next three to four years, the world will see Chinese submarine bases. In the Arabian Sea. ). Expansion will increase in Bodo and Bundal islands in Karachi and Gwadar. “It is worth noting that Pakistan has already delivered a lot to China with the intention of strengthening China against India. Before these two islands it also named Trance Karakoram Tract and Gwadar Port to China, due to which China now arrives from north to south on the territory of Pakistan. His feet are constantly getting stronger in Pakistan.

Anti-Imran protest takes place in Pakistan

Imran Khan is under siege by opposition parties by his step. Demonstrations are underway against them in Pakistan. The Sindh political parties and civil society organizations as well as the Sindh government led by the Pakistan People’s Party condemned this step and described it as an attempt to encroach on Sindh land.

The Princely States of Sindh and Baluchistan will soon become

The conquest of the two islands of Pakistan is only the beginning of China. After that, all regional princely states in Sindh and Baluchistan will be handed over to China. It now only depends on the citizens of Sindh to brutalize their possessions. Innocent people will be falsely accused and arrested without being arrested. It is possible that under the circumstances, the international community may have taken a timely note and stepped forward to assist the people who were forced to confront the Chinese expansion.

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