During the last US presidential debate, Joe Biden of Kovid’s “Dark Winter” warns

Joe Biden killed Trump without intending to stop the “dark winter” of Kovid’s death.


Joe Biden on Thursday elected US President Donald Trump as having no intention of preventing a ‘dark winter’ of coronovirus deaths as they were in their last face-to-face clash 12 days before the election .

With more people killed in the United States than in any other country, Trump has insisted that Kovid-19 will soon experience medical success and has highlighted his recovery from his first debate.

During a televised debate in Nashville, Biden said: “220,000 Americans are dying. If you don’t hear anything, I’ll hear it tonight. ”

“No one responsible for many deaths should remain President of the United States,” Biden said.

“We’re about to enter a dark winter,” he says. “And he has no plans.”

After the first bitter debate, the tone first changed, with the debate organizers allowing candidates’ microphones to be muted.

Trump said there would be no “dark winters” – and defended his desire to reopen the United States as soon as possible.

Trump said: “We are turning the corner. We turn the corner. He’s leaving. ”

“We have a vaccine coming, it’s ready, it should be announced within a week”.

– Biden wants to keep leads –

In an attempt to gain his advantage in the election, Biden was keen to keep the debate focused on the Kovid-19 outbreak.

With cases increasing rapidly across the country as winter approaches, a Quinnipiac University poll on Thursday found that about six in 10 people believe the coronavirus is out of control.

Trump’s demon changed in the early stages of the debate, with his son Kovid diagnosed as a normally belligerent tycoon and not immediately engaging in the attack.

But Trump was soon dusting off the smear tactics he had used four years earlier against Hillary Clinton.

As he indicated he would before the debate, Trump made such accusations that Biden benefited from corrupt business relations involving his son Hunter during the years he worked under Barack Obama as vice president. made.

“I think you want to make an explanation for the American people,” alleged Trump – to which Biden replied that he had never received “a dime” from foreign sources in his life.

Whether the performance at Belmont University, the country’s musical capital, is really up for debate for the elections.

Some 45 million Americans are estimated to have joined an unprecedented wave of early voting and polls indicate that nearly all voters have already made a firm decision. Biden is consistently in the lead, with the Quinnipiac University national poll placing him up 51% of Trump’s 41.

But the simple reshuffle of an election that has seen a country most divided in decades has made the debate anything but predictable.

– order –

On September 29, Trump-Biden’s first 90-minute debate turned into an almost uninterrupted flow of interruptions, insults and near-shouting.

Trump’s majority has been cut short. At one point, Biden went to the president and told him to “shut up.”

The second debate scheduled for Oct. 15 was called off after Trump accepted Kovid-19 and refused to participate in a virtual debate.

This time, White House correspondent for NBC News, moderator Kristen Welker, was equipped with mute buttons so everyone could talk without interruption during the speaking parts.

But Trump has shown his desire to play hard by inviting debate guest Tony Bobunlinski, who says he was a former associate of Hunter Biden, and believes Joe Biden is profiting from his son’s business in China.

Biden has denied any wrongdoing and is making one final attempt to replace information about his son with dirty tricks during the election.

In a statement, the Biden campaign said the former vice president – unlike Trump – had released his tax returns and a recent New York Times report reported that Trump had a secret bank account in China.

“It’s a desperate and pathetic farce that justifies no nation for four years of hell,” campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said.

Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives last year for abusing his office to fight dirt. He is also charged with a number of sexual offenses and has seen several key associates during his presidency go to jail or go to jail.

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