In a recent announcement, the development team for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team confirmed that the game will continue to use a purchasable loot box-style system in future iterations. Preview Packs will be available in FIFA 22 across all platforms, according to Jame Cane, Product Manager for FIFA Ultimate Team, following a positive response from fans following their introduction in FIFA 21.

As a result of the positive reception they received following their debut in FIFA 21,” he continued, “Preview Packs will be available at the launch of FIFA Ultimate Team 22 across all platforms.”

As part of a preview programme that began in June 2021, near the end of FIFA 21’s lifecycle, and has garnered a great deal of attention from both the media and the government (only last year, it was reported on GamesIndustry.biz that EA had been fined in the Netherlands for offering loot boxes in violation of the Betting and Gaming Act), packs are now available for purchase.

Ultimate Team players will now be able to open packs in a manner similar to how they would do so in regular FIFA games. You can preview the contents of a pack before spending your FIFA coins or FIFA points by using Pack Previews before spending your FIFA coins or FIFA points.

In other words, you get to see what you’re paying for before you make a purchase. Upon discovering the contents of a Preview Pack and deciding to purchase it, a new Preview Pack of the same type is automatically created in its place after it has been revealed. The player will have to wait until the timer on the Preview Pack expires before being able to access another Preview Pack of the same type if they do not wish to purchase it at that time.

Prior to the introduction of Preview Packs, you had to purchase a pack and take the chance that it would contain cards that would provide a return on investment or be usable at that particular point in the game’s cycle. It’s important to note that non-preview packs are still available; however, there is now some sort of alternate option available.

It has been confirmed that high-end gold and silver packs will be available for preview on a 24-hour refresh schedule at launch, in addition to their non-preview counterparts.

It makes perfect sense.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Electronic Arts has decided to keep using this method in FIFA 22.

EA’s Ultimate Team is extremely profitable, and while allowing players to see what was in their packs was a shift and allowed EA to respond in some way to the system’s problems, they haven’t exactly slowed the game’s growth.

Despite this, Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, remarked in an earnings call just a few weeks ago that “Preview Packs have been really well welcomed by the community.” The engagement and conversion rates for spenders, according to Wilson, have both grown recently. Because it was getting closer to the end of the season, some of this information had to be interpreted in context. However, they feel that with their commitment to innovation in terms of player offers and programmes, they will be able to continue to grow their business over time.”

“What we saw with Preview Packs was a higher incidence of new players coming into Ultimate Team, and we saw a high conversion of those new players in and around purchasing packs and participating in the digital ecosystem,” Wilson said at one point during the conference call. So, once again, we believe that the model will continue to grow in the long run. We believe that this is a means of being connected to your friends as well as remaining connected to the sport you enjoy and want to progress in. And our teams will continue to explore for fascinating and new, as well as imaginative and creative, methods to engage consumers in a more meaningful way, with Preview Packs being one of those examples. ”

It has not yet been announced when FIFA 22 will be released, but it is expected to be released on October 1, 2021, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Stadia, and PC. FIFA 22 is being developed by EA Sports and published by Electronic Arts.

The trial version of FIFA 22 will be available to EA Play members starting on September 22 and will run through September 29. Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition will be able to play the game in its entirety beginning on September 27th.

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