eat navratri fast healthy and know makhana health benefits | Eating Makhane while fasting during Navratri will retain your energy throughout the day.

New Delhi: If you’re fasting on Navratri (navratri fasting), eat foods that can provide you with health and energy benefits. Macana (fox nuts) is a dry fruit that is eaten fast and can have many health benefits. In fasting, this diet is light and well digested, controlling hunger and definitely providing energy. Irritability and tension sometimes occur during fasting. In this case, it helps reduce stress and keeps the mind and brain calm.

-Macana will help if you have trouble sleeping while fasting. Take it with milk before bed at night and get a restful sleep.

-If you are diabetic, you can prove that makhana is the best food during fasting. This helps with sugar control.

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Find out about other health-related benefits.

High Blood Pressure Problems People with high blood pressure problems should take McCann regularly. This not only balances blood pressure, but also protects against the risk of high blood pressure. In fact, magnesium is found in Makhane. It’s a mineral that helps keep your body’s blood pressure in balance.

Bone strengthening
Older people can take Makhane twice a day. This is because it contains a sufficient amount of calcium. This will be very helpful in protecting your bones from weakening as you age. People of different ages can also eat it as a food that is beneficial for strengthening bones.

People suffering from diabetes can also take Makhane. According to Makhan, it has a low glycemic index. This is a trait that actively helps reduce the risk of diabetes. So, if someone at home has diabetes, it’s a good idea to take Makhana.

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(Note: doctors consult before taking any action)

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