Edinburgh Castle reviewed the revolt of 1857

Edinburgh Castle will review the words of a sign about the 1857 revolt


Edinburgh Castle, a world-famous historic fortress and tourist attraction in Scotland, will review the words of a sign on the 1857 rebellion called the First War of Independence against British Colonialism in India, marked as “ false ”was gone. Visitors of Indian origin.

Vivek Mazumdar, a young doctor from the city’s Marchmont district, signed the palace esplanade next to “India Cross” during a walk last month. He honors the Scottish soldiers as “heroes” in a bloody campaign which culminated in the victory of the British army over rebel Indian soldiers in the Siege of Lucknow.

“The description of the war was not inaccurate, it was rather the way the militants were presented that I had released,” Mr Mazumdar told local Scottish media.

“In my opinion, it was horrible for imperialism. It was not the first time that I saw uninteresting imperialist things in Scottish public spaces, but it was the first time that the British were portrayed as ‘heroes’ and relieved Lucknow. ” Millie was, “” she said.

The siege of Lucknow followed what the British called the “Sepoy mutiny” of most of the 100,000 troops of the British East India Company’s Bengal army stationed in northern India in 1857.

Sir Henry Lawrence, East India Company commissioner at Lucknow, ordered his garrison to withdraw to the town’s British residence. The soldiers survived for six months before arriving by a force comprising the 93rd Highlanders under the command of Scottish General Sir Colin Campbell.

According to “The Scotsman” newspaper, Mr Mazumdar sent an email to a Historic Environment Scotland (HES) officer responsible for the Edinburgh Castle signs, authorities accepted his criticisms and promised to rewrite them.

A spokesperson for HES said: “We agree to use contemporary British descriptions of the regiment, as the ‘Heroes of Lucknow’ lacked merit in the context of the siege and Indian rebellion of 1857.”

“Full reference to the siege, including an Indian perspective, is important for our visitors to better understand the event and why it led to the construction of the Indian Cross on the Edinburgh Castle plaza. Like our historians “Right now, conducting research into the siege and revolt of 1857 to ensure that the new material on an updated panel is correct and balanced,” the spokesperson said.

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