Election of new members to the Human Rights Council, despite the victory

New York: China despite opposition from all active groups, Russia and Cuba managed to win a seat in the United Nations Human Rights Corps, while Saudi Arabia lost. Russia and Cuba have been elected without opposition to get a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, while China and Saudi Arabia quarrel.

China may have won in this election, but out of the four seat winners in the Asia-Pacific group, China won the fewest votes. The case of human rights violations in China has been blacked out. In the secret vote of 193 of the UN General Assembly Members’ Committee, Pakistan got 169 votes, Uzbekistan 164, Nepal 150, China and Saudi Arabia got just 90 votes.

Human Rights Watch Protests

Despite reform plans announced by Saudi Arabia, Human Rights Watch and others have strongly protested that the Middle Eastern nation is targeting human rights defenders, dissidents and women’s rights activists. There are no improvements on such past incidents. The murder of a Washington Post columnist was also mentioned during this time.

Sarah World, executive director of Democracy for Arab World, said that despite the millions of dollars spent on PR by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin, it had no impact on her international community. He said that unless Saudi Arabia reforms to free political prisoners, end the war in Yemen, and allow meaningful political participation by its citizens, it will not gain global acceptance.

15 Uncontested election of members

Except for Asia Pacific, 47 due to lack of opposition in the Human Rights Council member 15 Election of members was decided in advance. Ivory Coast, Malawi, Gabon and Senegal have won four African seats. Russia and Ukraine have won two former European seats. Mexico, Cuba and Bolivia have won three seats in the Latin American and Caribbean group. Britain and France won two seats in Western Europe and other groups.

China may have lost

Human Rights Watch joint director Luis Charbonneau said Saudi Arabia’s failure to win a seat on the Human Rights Council demonstrates increased competition in the UN elections, which is welcome . He said China, Cuba and Russia could also be defeated. He said that despite the “undesirable countries”, the council will continue to make the voice of the victims heard.

On the other hand, Charbonneau criticized the member states of the United Nations, including Western countries, saying: “They don’t want competition”. Last week, a coalition of human rights groups from Europe, the United States and Canada called on UN member states. Calling on China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Pakistan and Uzbekistan to oppose the elections, he said his human rights records disqualify him. Human rights groups had argued that it is not appropriate to elect these dictatorial countries. It’s like forming a band of arsonists.

China gets lowest number of votes

Human Rights Watch 26 to June 50 According to a report prepared by experts, which called for decisive measures to protect fundamental freedoms in China. Frequent violations of public rights in Hong Kong and Tibet. The report refers to attacks on human rights activists, journalists, lawyers and government critics in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Those who raise these questions 60 more than 400 Civis Society The group included. This is why China got the fewest votes among the four seat winners in the Asia-Pacific group.


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