Emmanuel Mark Long orders French national closure due to soaring corona 19 confirmed cases, keeping schools open | World news

Paris: France will enter a state lockdown from Friday to stop the second wave of the coronavirus outbreak, President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday evening.

In a speech aired on Wednesday, Mark Long said, “The virus is spreading at an unexpected rate, even the most pessimistic predictions.” The President of France said, “We, like all our neighbors, are at the same point and are undoubtedly overwhelmed by the second wave, which will be more difficult and more lethal than the first.”

To stop the spread of the virus, the president ordered the country to return to state closure, as in mid-March when Corona 19 patients overwhelmed hospitals in the first wave of the epidemic.

The only outing travel approved for the new containment will be “to work, medical appointments, providing assistance, shopping or flying”.

Restrictions will affect universities, libraries, bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, etc. According to the President, public meetings are banned and cultural events and meetings are stopped.

However, unlike the first closure, pre-k, elementary and junior high schools will continue to be open, the President insisted, “Our children will not continue to be deprived of contact with education and school systems.”

And public services, factories, farms and construction will continue their activities “in strict adherence to health protocols,” the president said. Nursing home visits are also permitted.

Details of the new blockade will be announced by the government on Thursday. This measure takes effect nationwide from midnight on Thursday to at least early December. The government will meet in two weeks to discuss whether mediation is needed, Macron said.

In the next two weeks, if people strictly adhere to the rules and the health situation improves, the government will review the possibility of resuming some non-essential projects, he added.

“We need everyone’s responsibility. Stay home as much as possible. Respect the rules. Success depends on the good citizenship of each of us. Every hour is important.”

France was under national blockade from March 17 to May 11 to prevent the spread of the virus.

Two weeks after the blockade, daily infections peaked in the first wave (7,578 cases) on March 31. However, that figure was just over 4,500 in the first half of April and fell below 1,000 in May.

However, it has increased again in recent months, hitting 52,010 people on October 25th.

France recorded 36,437 new COVID-19 infections on Wednesday, 3,020 more than the number registered in the last 24 hours. According to figures released by the Department of Public Health, the cumulative number of coronavirus cases soared to 1,235,132, including 35,785, an increase of 244 in one day.

( Input- AP agency )

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