Even after 3 marriages, the fourth wife is looking for a person, her wives are also helping

Sialkot: A man in Pakistan whose already has 3 wives, is now looking for a fourth wife. Another interesting thing about this is that his three wives are also helping to find the man’s fourth wife.

Let us tell you that 22 Adnan, who lives in Sialkot, Pakistan, has already been married three times, his 3 wives and children are, and they all live happily ever after. However, Adnan is looking for his fourth wife and all of his wives, Shumbal, Shabana and Shahida are helping him find a fourth wife.

Significantly, there is also the condition that Adnan’s fourth wife begins with the name “S”. This is because the first letter of Adnan’s first 3 wives is “S”. Adnan wants the first letter of all his wives’ names to be the same.

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Know that when Adnan was only 16, he was married for the first time. Adnan was a high school student at the time. After Adnan’s second marriage took place at the age of 20 and the third marriage took place in the final year 2019.

In an interview with a local Pakistani newspaper, Adnan said: ‘Their three wives live together very lovingly. His three wives split up the daily housework. They also take care of each other’s children. Their wives never complain about each other. “

Adnan also said he loves all of his wives equally. One wife cooks for Adnan, the other washes clothes, and the third polishes shoes. However, the only complaint they have is that Adnan doesn’t spend enough time with each of them.

Let us tell you that Adnan currently lives in a 6 bedroom house. Other than that, there is 1 living room and 1 storage room in her house. According to Adnan, living with the three wives costs them 1 to 1.5 lakh Pakistani rupees every month.


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