Exporting Underground Disasters To Fight Turkey, Pakistan, Armenia: Experts | World news

The Turkish government is working with Pakistan to support jihadist groups in Syria, Libya, and now Azerbaijan. Armenia and Azerbaijan are involved in the struggle for control of the Nagorno Karabakh region, extrapolated and ignited by Turkish and Pakistani actions.

“The long-lost Turkish days of Ataturk attacked the Jihadist groups and stopped them. Turkey’s secular qualifications have been undermined.” .

He spoke on the “Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict and the role of Turkey and Pakistan in inducing religious wars in the Caucasus” hosted by the Usanas Foundation. Ararat Kostanian, who had previously worked for the Armenian Foreign Ministry, said there were Erdogan’s grand plans to conquer Armenia. This happened as big powers like the European Union moved away from criticizing Turkey’s policy. By supporting Azerbaijan, Turkey wants to assert Islamic leadership.

Pakistan is also hostile to Armenia and is not recognized as a country. As a result, they are exporting underground dest like mercenaries to fight Armenia. Pakistan has acquired these skills of cross-border terrorism, has promoted global jihad for decades and will not stop under any circumstances.

Egyptian journalist and anti-terrorism analyst Hany Ghoraba pointed to Erdogan’s hidden agenda, which has successfully ended in European powers and the Middle East. He became the’sick’ in Europe and lost friends all over. There are desperate attempts to proclaim Islamic leadership in China with a desire to deal with Uighur issues or to mediate in the Kashmir conflict. Domestically, he wants to turn Hagia Sophia back into a mosque and own a fundamentalist baton that gives freedom to the country’s right-wing revivalists. Thus, it creates an ecosystem that will incorporate his old dream of becoming Caliph.

Former Indian envoy from Libya, Malta and Jordan Anil Trigunayat suggested that India take a prudent approach. India has a great relationship with Armenia, and although not politically with Azerbaijan, it has a good trade. Armenia is a form of Armenian Christian living in India and has great cultural ties with India.

Azerbaijan, on the other hand, has always supported Pakistan by the United Nations and other international organizations. However, India believes in a dialogue process, and a dialogue process already exists between these two countries that India sees as part of the solution. The last remarks were made by Abhinav Pandya’s CEO, Usanas Foundation, who criticized Pakistan for promoting global jihad and cross-border terrorism, despite the fact that Pakistan cannot continue to control its politics.

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