Extent News : 15 projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in USP

The aim of SGA is to encourage activities using renewable energy, and identify sources of emission of polluting gases, embrace standards of clean technology and rational intake.

The total amount of funds invested by SGA is $500 thousand, and the most amount allocated to each project is R $100 thousand, and the proposer should give an equal or greater amount. Projects may also count on partnerships and external counterparts. The projects must have a duration of two years, starting from the 2nd of January 2021, and be coordinated by supervisors of the units or of the prefectures of their campuses.

The Superintendence of Environmental Management (SAG) published the record of those 15 projects selected to promote sustainability on the University’s campuses and contribute to the reduction and compensation of greenhouse gas and pollutant gas emissions.

“The top quality of these proposed projects was not surprising, as SGA had the anticipation that consciousness of the significance of sustainability currently exists one of our managers, both in USP and in society in general, but extra motivation was needed to create excellent thoughts in applied work, thus mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to the decrease in the global warming we’re experiencing,” stated the Superintendent of Environmental Management, Tércio Ambrizzi.

Presented by the Social Assistance Superintendence, one of the selected projects will use organic waste to produce energy in an experimental biodigester, which is being rectified at the Energy and Environment Institute.

John Riley

John Riley

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