Eyes of the world on the US election result, American liquor store! Long lines

Washington: US presidential election (2020 US presidential election) This year has been difficult for everyone, not just for political parties but also for the common man. The year 2020 began with the coronavirus, followed by the killing of hornets, police brutality against minorities, civil unrest and now the presidential election. Overall, Americans have ample reasons for the tension, but today they have found a way to calm their minds.

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At the moment the whole world is watching the results of the 2020 US presidential election, American liquor stores are looking for Americans have started opening bottles waiting for the results of who will be the next president.

Searching for alcohol on Google!

We are not saying that, but we are telling the results of Google Search. On election day in the United States, most people search for “liquor store near me” and “liquor store next to me right now” on Google. There has been a huge increase in these searches in the last 24. Although this is common in the United States, but this time the number of people searching for liquor stores has become the highest in the past five years.

In addition to this, people on Google also search for “Pizza near me”, “French fries near me” and “Sushi near me”. Mexican, Chinese and American wine are the most sought after. Also according to Google trends, 49 percent of people search for information on Democratic candidate Joe Biden 43 Percentage of current President Donald Trump hits.

A Twitter user wrote: There is a longer line at the liquor store than at the bar.

The queue is longer at the bar across the street! pic.twitter.com/yKUY16VAmy

– Lauren Young (@LaurenYoung) November 3, 2020

Another Twitter user wrote, there is no shop in my neighborhood but there is a line at the liquor store here.

No shops are closed in my neighborhood, but here’s the line at the liquor store pic.twitter.com/m3QEsoxnum

– Tim Donnelly (@timdonnelly) November 3, 2020

A Twitter user is asking, I’m standing in line at the liquor store, if it closes I have to let in to make my purchase, right?

If I’m in line at the liquor store when it closes, they have to let me in to make my purchase, right?

– Tom Rock (@TomRock_Newsday) November 3, 2020

Another American tweeted, the liquor store owner says everyone was buying champagne in the last election, that’s a change this year.

A liquor store owner in Prospect Heights says last election they were all buying champagne, this year it’s alcohol.

– Eric Mennel (@EricMennel) November 4, 2020

Another Twitter user jokingly wrote – I’m from a liquor dealer: you should be doing good business.

Him: You have no idea.

Me to my liquor store manager: you must have good deals today.

Him: You have no idea.

– Diana (@BrukDiana) November 4, 2020


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