Facebook is at the forefront of spreading false information relating to Corona, including these people

New Delhi: COVID – 19 Reporters covering coverage of the epidemic say Facebook is at the forefront of spreading false information. After this, the second number is that of elected officials, that is, the people who have been elected to these positions have arrived. Also on Fake News in the International Survey on Journalism and COVID – 19 of the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism of Columbia University Information was gathered.

Facebook has taken action

However, Facebook recently made changes to its policies by adopting hate speech, which bans all provocative and convoluted content. However, Zuckerberg had previously denied the appeals to that effect.

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Researchers Told Facebook Source of Fake News

Researchers on this issue found that 66 percent of journalists linked Facebook to fake news and called it the main source of fake news. 82 Percentage of journalists involved in this study said they also provided false information to Facebook and its platforms WhatsApp and Instagram, but nearly half of them said they were dissatisfied with the company’s response. The survey also included the dissemination of false information via Twitter, Youtube and Google Search.

He explains that this project was started in April 2020 to discover the relationship between the Corona virus and journalism.

Politicians also spread fake news

In the survey, half of journalists from the US, UK, India, Nigeria and Brazil said that after social media spread disinformation about Kovid – 19 The second number is that of politicians and elected officials .

The survey results claimed that websites spreading misinformation about COVID – 19 Facebook in April 50 crore views, while at that time COVID – 19 around the world was spreading in a frightening way.

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