Facial recognition technology enabled this person to meet his family after 32 years

Beijing: Face recognition technology has enabled a child who was kidnapped years ago and can no longer meet his family. Today, this man is an adult and was able to get to know his family using technology after a long time.

In 1988, according to the Chinese state television broadcaster CCTV, Mao Yin was in a hotel in Shangxi Province, far from her parents, at the age of two. Given. He was then sold to a childless couple in Sichuan Province.

Mao was brought up by his adoptive parents as Gu Ningni. However, the officials have given no further information about Mao’s adoptive parents.

According to the official Xinhua News Agency, police in Xian received evidence at the end of April that one person in Sichuan Province came from Shangxi Province in 1980 in a decade. Brought a child.

The police analyzed an old childhood photo of Mao using facial recognition technology and then extracted a virtual photo of him as an adult, which was compared to photos in the national database.

According to the news agency, he was eventually found to be a lost son based on a DNA test. After Mao lost, Li quit his job and found himself completely looking for a son. Mao said that he had previously seen Lee talk about his prodigal son on TV and was also impressed by his courage, but he could not tell that he was his father and that the boy himself was the one he found. Lee spent decades on.

Mao now has a home decoration shop in Sichuan and said he would move to Sichuan to live with his immediate parents.

Mary Hornsby

Mary Hornsby

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