Father Herd made noise in Malaysia before disappearing Irish teenager Nora Quorin

Nora Quorin disappeared from Dusun Resort on August 4, 2019, not far from Kuala Lumpur. (File)

Kuala Lumpur:

The father of a Franco-Irish teenager, whose body was found in the Malaysian jungle, said during an investigation on Thursday that he heard noise at a family holiday cottage before disappearing.

The body of 15-year-old Nora Quorin, with learning disabilities, was inexplicably discovered last year after a massive hunt in the rainforest.

Authorities insisted there was no foul play, but her parents believe she was abducted from the compound where she resided near Kuala Lumpur, claiming the teenager was not alone. Must be wandering

Confirming an investigation into his death, Sebastian Quorin said he “heard the noise of a chatter coming from the chatter” late at night when the London-based family arrived.

“I could feel it was close… I can’t describe the nature of the noise,” he said, speaking via video link as he couldn’t attend the hearing in person due to a coronavirus. .

The 48-year-old Frenchman did not stand up to investigate, however, saying he was in a “state of semi-consciousness”. The teenager’s mother, Mbeh Quorin, made similar statements in her testimony on Wednesday.

They discover that their daughter was missing the next morning. A 10-day hunt involved hundreds of rescue teams before the girl’s body was found near the station.

A window latch was broken on the cabin, but Kishore’s father didn’t believe he could get out on his own as he struggled for mobility and balance.

“He has no existence. I didn’t understand how he could get out of the chalet and get out of the station, ”he said.

He said when his body was discovered he had not found the teenager’s leg, which would be unusual if he had spent the day wandering in the woods, and believed he could have been abducted and then Was cast

“The kidnappers may have realized it was an obligation after lengthy police searches and wide media attention,” he said.

The family criticized authorities for reacting slowly after the teenager’s disappearance, but police said they had conducted a full investigation and there was no sign of an abduction.

An autopsy revealed the teenager was likely starving and had died of internal bleeding – but his family grew in regret, which is expected to continue until December.

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