As per reports, many Facebook content moderators who’ve been working with third party vendors say that the companies have been scrambling to take a fixed taken on whether the moderators should operate remotely or operate from office.

Speculations have it that the firm has been drawing criticism for encouraging its employees to work from home while the content moderation contractors have been motivated to return to offices at the cities across the globe amid the pandemic frighten. However, the social media giant recently put forth its plan on relying on automatic tools to remove offensive content while working with contract vendors to send moderators house with cover.

It’s been reported that formulation of guidelines for contractors working from home would take some time that could also result in a growth in the number of full time employees doing this undertaking, such as mental health support for moderators and keeping data privacy protections in place.

Seemingly, this decision comes before the pressure the business has been facing with respect to policing content violations.

The coronavirus epidemic has contributed to Facebook altering the moderation of its most sensitive content including counter terrorism and self-harm from third party contractors into the organization’s full time employees. As per an official source, the CEO mentioned his objective of getting contractors moderate less emotionally taxing content while minding the benefit of WFH amid coronavirus crisis.

In addition, the business mentioned that following this week, even more movies and other content may be incorrectly removed from the sites for policy violations, contemplating its reliance on automatic takedown computer software. But a builder amidst this lockdown came up to raise his concern regarding the development of an AI that will be able to properly furnish the content moderation, resulting in lack of job for him and many others.

John Riley

John Riley

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