Fennel: A great gift from God to man | Fennel is a panacea for many diseases and these benefits will surprise you.

Fennel is commonly used across the country. Somewhere with spices, somewhere fresh to wear. So somewhere in Ayurvedic Medicines. This is because Fennel has many very beneficial properties for the human body.

One, many uses of
fennel Fennel has many uses. But first, it is used as a common cleaning agent across the country. Fennel is often given after eating somewhere outside. This is because fennel not only acts as a mouthwash, but also relaxes the stomach and aids in food digestion.

Skin radiance with
fennel Using fennel brightens the skin. The blood flow is pure and disorderly. You’ve probably heard of all blood cleansing tonics like Saafi. Saafi ta is the original compound fennel.

Fennel vapor increases vision.
Eating anise also improves vision. You can also eat it with sugar candy if you like. The vapors of fennel also help increase the glow in your eyes.

Anise removes odor.
If you have bad breath, regularly chew 3-4 times a day, half a teaspoon of anise. This will stop the odor from your mouth.

The benefits of fennel during irregular menstruation If you have irregular menstruation,
you can take fennel. Consuming it with jaggery will help. Any problem coming from the bloodstream due to the consumption of fennel crying.

More Benefits
Aniseed diagnoses many problems on its own. Drinking fennel tea relieves indigestion, so drinking fennel tea can also treat cough. In addition, fennel reduces the risk of heart attack. And daily use of fennel leads to a good sleep. In addition, fennel is also used in many Ayurvedic and Unani pharmaceutical systems. Along with this, handing extracts are also available on the market.

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