Figures: Samsung Galaxy S20 sales are dramatically poor

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S20 would be very disappointing.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is one of the most powerful smartphones of its generation. Every comparison we threw against the devices has been won by Samsung. But apparently hardware quality is no guarantee of success. In fact, according to figures from M Science (via PC Mag ), the Galaxy S20 is exceptionally bad.

Galaxy S20 sale
According to the researchers, Samsung has had a huge impact on 5G smartphones in the United States. At the same time, sales of the S20 aircraft are dramatic versus predecessors. In week 2 of sales, less than 200,000 S20s were sold in the US. The Galaxy S10 sold over 400,000 times in the same week, while the Galaxy S9 was even sold towards 550,000 times.

Now, of course, the Samsung with the Galaxy S20 has a gigantic obstacle: the corona virus. Everyone is in misery at home and then buying extremely luxurious smartphones may not be the number one priority. At the same time, web shops are being bought en masse empty by corona. So is this the reason?

In any case, the figures seem to be partly a correlation with corona. This is an assumption, but compared to the S10 and S9, something weird is happening. After a dip from weeks 3 to 6 (the period in which mass hysteria broke out), sales of the S20 go up again. Until now, sales have only decreased.

But above all, let’s not be too secretive either; it is very plausible that Samsung has made their expensive device a bit too peppery and a little too expensive. Of course, Apple did that too, but Steve Jobs’s legacy has a rock-hard fan base that is used to it. Samsung not necessarily. That will probably also be the reason that the Galaxy S20 series does so thinly.

Galaxy S20 in other countries
Now, of course, the United States is not the center of humanity. That is South Korea in Samsung’s case. But sales are also quite disappointing in the home country. You can read all about it here . Nevertheless, we write at the beginning of last month that it is all going well at the billion-dollar company. The financial figures are in fact quite solid.

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