First China spread corona in the world, now the earth wants to quake with atom bombs

The world is trampling from Corona, but even in this catastrophe, China does not deter its land mine.

The world is trampling on coronavirus. More than 2 Lakh 41 thousands of people lost their lives due to the virus, but even in the time of this disaster, China lost its landmine plot Do not come. The Chinese government’s Global Times editor said that China has 1,000 atomic bombs in its supply to to face the challenge of America. Should be prepared. The question is, what is the dragon’s plan? Why does China want a thousand weapons from Alexander?

The official report from the official Chinese newspaper Global Times states that the US is trying to siege China, so China should increase its military power to respond to the US. The report says that China should include an H stealth bomber 20 in its military stocks. Along with this, China has 100 DF 41 Must also be strategic missiles. The question is whether China wants this weapon for self-defense or is harassing the world.

Even in the Corona era, China is unwilling to withdraw from its expansion policy. The only superpower in the world right now is America. China realizes that its plans can only be fulfilled if it proves to be more powerful than the United States, both economically and strategically. That is why China plans to challenge the superpower even in times of major disaster. An indication of this can be found in a report by the Chinese official newspaper Global Times. According to experts, China should increase its nuclear weapons to meet US strategic challenges. China has to buy H stealth bombers. In addition, China’s armaments reserves should be equipped with such ballistic missiles that can be fired from JL-3 submarines.

In order to prove its hunger for arms in the eyes of the world, China has constantly pointed its fingers at America. This time the dragon did the same. China has accused the US of exerting pressure on China through its military movement in the South China Sea, the East China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. China said America sent its warships and fighter planes to these areas.

The news of US-China conflicts in the South China Sea is not new. The United States is reported to be using Tomahawk cruise missiles in the South China Sea to curb China’s military intervention. Apart from that, America is said to have sent its strategic Bomberjet 1B three times to the region. In addition, the American aircraft carrier USA Theodore Roosevelt, equipped with nuclear power, marched to the South China Sea 15 almost two months ago. I have practiced in

China’s official Global Times report has accused the US of supporting the development of low-power nuclear weapons, and China’s defense experts have advised its government. Increase the capacity of the Chinese nuclear weapons inventory.

John Riley

John Riley

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